2019 wedding styles are sure to inspire you aand elevate your wedding plans.  One of the most dominant themes for the year is a move to include the wedding party, family members aand guests in the wedding experience. This isn’t just a few new trends, but a completely new view of the dream wedding experience including elements that are evolving the wedding scene.

Focal Floral Centerpieces

Floral pieces have visited tabletops before. They’ve even been hung from the ceiling, but 2018 weddings saw floral tabletop center pieces emerging aand rising to new heights. The floral tabletop trend will continue into 2019. It will be exciting to see the creative approaches florists use to expaand aand personalize this growing design theme.

Weekend Weddings

Weekend weddings are an extended friends aand family experience. Capitalizing on a central location, weekend weddings keep guests engaged for more than the ceremony. Guided tours or a list of suggested places to visit inspire local area exploration.  2019’s unique twist has the weekend experience culminating at the wedding on Sunday.

Purple is the New Pink

This year purple is pushing out the blush pinks of the last seasons.  Dominating wedding scene for the past few years, blush is on the way out. Shades of purple from light lavender to bold aand dramatic violet hues are in.

Interactive Drink Bars

Fairly fresh on the scene, interactive drink bars continue to develop the truly shared wedding experience for 2019 bridal parties aand guests. These stations give an opportunity to customize drinks aand strike up conversations.  Guests are not expected to be seated aand stationary, but are welcomed to move about, talk to each other aand engage socially with food, drink aand dancing.

Explore these new aand expaanding trends as you seek inspiration aand plan your wedding.  Have some fun creating an unforgettable wedding experience for you, your fiancé aand your guests.

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