Everyone has heard of making gingerbread houses for Christmas, but who says they have to be limited to one holiday?

If you’re planning a Halloween party, a haunted gingerbread house is fun. It’s also a unique, tasty decoration.

Assemble your gingerbread house in the same way you would for Christmas. Just change the colors and add decorations for a very spooky twist. Instead of creating a whimsical snowy scene around the house, create a cemetery out of cookies, add a few marshmallow ghosts and you’ll be off to a great start.

Add a variety of Halloween candies to the scenery. Try candy bats and spiders, candy pumpkins and black gumdrops. Your gingerbread house can be Halloween themed or creepy and “haunted.”

Surround your Halloween gingerbread house with other Halloween themed treats for a crafty way to brighten up the desert table. If you’d like to save time and still have a fresh, homemade taste, stop by American Dream Cakes and select from a variety of Halloween goodies.

Make your Halloween haunted house “Boo-tiful!”

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