School spirit celebrations are a time-tested way to generate enthusiasm among students, and the same principle can be applied to your workplace. Host an office spirit week of your own – to boost employee morale and engagement – with five days of fun themes for your office:

Hippie Day

hippy-dippyBreak out the lava lamps and beaded door curtains, and get ready for a groovy day at the office! When it comes to attire, think peace, love, and tie-dye – with bandanas, bell-bottom pants, and peasant tops. For the perfect sweet treat, serve our Hippy-Dippy Cupcakes. They feature tri-colored white cake, a sweet cherry pie & zesty lemon curd filling, and smooth white buttercream. Topped off with an edible sugar peace sign – they’re far out!



Patriotic Day

MuricaCelebrate the spirit of freedom by decorating with red, white and blue streamers with miniature American flags. Keep the stars and stripes coming with patriotic shirts, blue jeans, and white shoes.  Then top if off with the American Dream Cupcake. Moist white cake encases colorful blueberry and raspberry filling and a dollop of vanilla mousse.  It’s topped with a white mousse and berry icing.



Pet Day

dalmationFurry, feathery, or scaly – we love our pets. Bringing a pet to work is a great way stress reliever and morale-booster for employees.  Don’t have pets or a ‘pet-friendly’ building? (We can’t bring our pets to work, either!)  That’s ok! Celebrate 101 Dalmatian style with proper English attire while serving up our Dalmatian Cupcakes – white cake with chocolate chips, white mousse icing, mini chocolate chips, and garnished with chocolate shavings.



Halloween Party

no bones about itPumpkins and witches and bats, oh my! Everyone dresses in their favorite Halloween costume for a spooky-good time. For extra fun, serve up our No Bones About It Cupcakes. They feature vanilla or chocolate cake, vanilla creme filling, and colored buttercream. They’re topped off with cookie grave dirt and skeletal white chocolate decoration. They’re so delicious, it’s scary!



Luau Day

tropical fruit knock outAloha! Palm trees and pineapples will capture the spirit of the islands for your office luau. Don Hawaiian shirts and leis – and munch on Tropical Fruit Knockout Cupcakes. Made with fruit punch flavored cake, they’re filled with a vanilla-fruit punch crème. Crowned with a baked fruit punch-infused meringue, they’re garnished with a sugar sandal and palm tree decorations.




No matter which themes or days you choose to celebrate, an office-wide spirit week is a great way to give your team a little pick-me-up. Taking a break from the regular routine gives everyone  a chance to reset, and there may even be a few who channel their inner child. Enjoy the laughs and be sure to take pictures for the annual meeting or company party!