The holiday travel season is coming quickly. If you are anything like us, we are constantly traveling back and forth to holiday parties with baked goods in tow. Everything from cakes, cookies, and tortes to dipped pretzels, fudge, and sweet breads get carefully packaged on plates covered with foil or in tacky plastic containers and gently placed on the floorboards. We then spend the next few hours taking turns at a snail’s pace and being slow to accelerate in hopes of not disturbing the carefully placed items. This causes additional stress at an already stressful time of year.

Here are some practical, and cute, tips for traveling with your holiday goodies.

  • Use a Pringles can to store cookies. You can even use wrapping paper and ribbons to dress up the can a bit.
  • Disposable drink cups work great for transporting cupcakes. You can place the cups in cellophane bags and tie with ribbon or place another cup on top and secure with festive Washi tape.
  • Many craft and hobby stores sell gable boxes and Chinese take-away containers that work great for storing cookies, brownies, and peppermint bark.
  • Mason jars come in multiple sizes. Not only are the great for storing prebaked goods, but you can also fill them with cookie, brownie, and quick bread mixes. Then add some festive ribbon and cute tag with baking directions written on it.
  • To-go cups with lids and restaurant style to-go boxes work great too. You can transport your items in the safety of the boxes, then transfer them onto your fancy holiday platter once you reach your destination.

As important as what you carry your treats in may be, what treats you decided to bring can make a big difference too. Here’s a few of our travel favorites.

  • Cookies without icing or with hardened royal icing travel best and you won’t have to worry about them getting messed up if they are stacked on top on one another.
  • Brownies and cookie bars. They travel even better if you transport them in the baking dish and cut them upon arrival.
  • Custard and fruit filled pies are great too. Just be sure to keep travel with meringue topped pies to a minimum and only in the cooler, less humid months.
  • Fudge, bark, and chocolate covered items travel well and are often quick to make too.

If you aren’t driving to your destination keep in mind that you can also carry baked goods such as cakes and pies on airplanes. However, they are subject to additional screenings by the TSA.

If you would like American Dream Cakes to take care of the baking for you, you can rest assured that our products are engineered to travel well in the car. We use dowel rods and platforms in our stacked cakes to ensure they don’t come toppling over & each of our pies, tortes, rolls, and pastries come in convenient carry boxes.