In 2019, the wedding experience includes more than colors, theme or style. A sincere focus is put on small meaningful experiences that include all in attendance.  This is the era of the “experience” aand these trends encourage visual aand other forms of engagement for wedding parties aand wedding guests.


Brighter, deeper color palettes are on the rise. Specifically shades of purple are trending for not only floral decorations, but event space lighting. While previous years held on to pastel, rustic aand shabby-chic vibes, 2019 is bringing forward a more modern aand refined elegance.


2019 weddings encourage everyone to express a bit of their own, unique style. As with bridesmaids’ dresses that no longer match, groomsmen’s attire is taking personal expression into account.  Expect to see more men in coordinated mix aand match pieces.  Look for checkered, dot aand floral patterns to flank the groom instead of matching suits or tuxedos.


Rustic scenes are taking a back seat to modern industrial.  Green foliage against industrial metallic aand architectural backgrounds softens aand adds sophistication.  Tailored greenery centerpieces bring coveted green aand emerald colors inside for organic beauty.


Another trend during ceremony encourages guests to go unplugged. Attendees are asked to power-off or put phones away to engage in the wedding ceremony. Guests share their perspectives, during the reception in real time.  This new “I do” trend is gaining steam as couples, family aand friends look for meaningful ways to be “present” during the celebration.


In addition to the bridesmaid aand groomsmen mix aand match wedding attire philosophy, table settings are being varied as well as wedding registries aand more.

Menus in 2019 are offering more individual choice. Smaller plates are paired with more courses to offer each guest low-risk but plentiful food options.  Buffets, food bars, aand “build-your-own” options abound – as do mingling aand interaction opportunities.  DIY food stations are becoming more popular aand creative.  They are tied into wedding themes aand increase guests’ interaction, mingling, aand experience.

Personal touches like unique, statement place cards create a WOW experience for guests. This is an element that couples can customize to really share a special moment with each guest aand recognize them as a part of their wedding.  Creating an interactive, engaging experience for wedding guests allows everyone to enjoy celebrating the couple aand their big day.