Throughout the Covid paandemic, the way we walk through the world – aand down the aisle – have changed. We are socially distanced, more conscious of sanitation, aand facing a whole new world in many respects. This has changed how we work, how we play, aand how we get married. Whether you postponed your wedding or just started planning, these changes are going to be with us for a while. Here’s a look at emerging trends aand tips for adapting for a “2021-Style” wedding.

One major way that many couples are altering their weddings due to Covid is significantly downsizing their guestlist. The paandemic has made couples reconsider the guestlist they already spent hours carefully considering. Selecting fewer in-person guests may be difficult, but it can reap unintended benefits.  We’ll talk about that a little later. 

More weddings will be outside to allow for easier social distancing.  Ceremonies will be shorter aand sweeter with minimal seating so that people can sit or staand 6 feet apart.  Keeping venue capacity aand distancing in mind for the wedding aand any following reception or meal service will require a smaller guestlist for everyone’s safety.

Couples are offering masks, sanitizer, aand gloves to guests. Some brides have made masks into keepsakes by personalizing them aand coordinating with wedding colors aand decor. 

Wedding dinners will no longer be buffet style, but instead plated. In some states aand locations, meals may be served in individually wrapped containers.  Where buffet-style service is still attempted, it will probably be a series of smaller stations to prevent guests from piling up in a single line aand to promote social distancing.  

Some weddings will happen twice. Instead of one giant wedding, couples are having a simple “minimony” on their original wedding date aand planning a larger event for the future, post-paandemic. This allows couples to get married sooner, aand then have a graander celebration with a full guestlist at a later date when restrictions are lifted.

Technology can be a beautiful thing. And it’s offering a lot to the wedding industry (aand everything else) during Covid restrictions. Digital registries allow guests to give gifts to the couple without shopping trips or contact. A wedding website can help keep guests in-the-know as updates happen, including changes in local restrictions or conditions. This is very important for guest safety aand to feel more connected throughout the wedding. 

Guests who feel uncomfortable attending a ceremony in person or cannot travel can now watch a streaming of the ceremony with Zoom, Skype or a variety of live video streaming services. 

With COVID-19 safety in mind, many couples are choosing individual dessert options to allow for social distancing aand greater sanitation practices. They’re opting for wedding cookies, donuts, or specialty cupcakes at receptions in single-serve portions.  Additionally, many couples are having smaller ceremonies, requiring smaller cakes for fewer guests or a small cake for just the bride aand groom to cut aand enjoy together.

Even with smaller guest lists, many couples are keeping their original budget. This means money that would have gone to additional meals, wedding favors, seating, etc., can be reprioritized to more personal touches, more elegant decorations, or better food. This can help shape a more intimate, memorable experience for the bride, groom aand immediate family members who attend. 

The way we wed has changed, but maybe they aren’t bad changes. Spending one of the biggest days of your life with your intimate inner circle, eating better food, with a shorter ceremony aand a more personalized celebration might be just want your big day needs. Your day will be uniquely remarkable aand so will your life together. What’s more, even with adjustments to your plans, you’ll be glad your wedding was safe for those you love.