Custom Cakes: Getting Started

Love Your Custom Dream Cake

At American Dream Cakes Bakery, your artistically crafted custom cake is a phone call away.  Our cake designers take pride in every detail of your creation.  From simple roses to exquisite sugar work to 3D cakes, we’ve got you covered.

Custom cake designs are individually priced based on the time required to complete the design and the intricacy of the design itself.  As a custom cake shop, we’re used to creating all kinds of sweet treats from sheet cakes to multi-tiered event centerpieces.  Size, shape, & décor are all factors in both time needed & final pricing.

We always use fresh, quality ingredients, but you’re not just paying for eggs, flour, & sugar!  You’re investing in a unique work of art to create an experience and many memories for someone you care about. We’re happy to invest our experience, artistic ability and time to help make your Custom Dream Cake a reality.

To ensure your cake is fresh and of the highest quality on the day of your event, we limit the number of Custom Dream Cake orders we take.  The more time we have the more creative we can be! We recommend 2-4 weeks notice for single tiered custom cakes and 2-4 months for multiple tiered and sculpted cake orders.

Call the main bakery at 910.346.2347.

The ordering process:

When contacting us it is helpful if you have a design idea in mind. You can find inspiration here on our website, our Facebook page, Pinterest or on Google. Be mindful that anything copyrighted (characters, logos, movies etc.) will require a “one time use” written permission from the copyright holder in order for us to replicate the image / logo and we cannot take an order before such written permission letter has been obtained. 

 Knowing what flavor and how many servings of cake you will need or would like is also helpful. 

There are multiple ways to start your inquiry about ordering a cake from us: Call 910-346-2347 to speak with a cake designer or to schedule a consultation, message us on Facebook or Instagram. Once you have made your initial inquiry with information about your event type, date, cake size etc. follow up with some photo ideas (from our sites or others) if you have any. This will help us get a proper quote to you. If you decide to place the order you can pay over the phone or in person. 

Inquiries are not the same as placing an order. If you’ve made an inquiry and at a later date want to place the order, it does not guarantee that we will still have availability. Orders are not finalized until they have been paid in full with the exception of contract orders ($250+) where paying the retaining fee reserves your date and time for the cake ordered.  Please visit the FAQ page for our cancellation policy.

The recommended time to place an order will vary depending on the style, size and complexity of the cake design. A basic cake with buttercream flowers can usually be ordered with 24-48 hours notice, but a single tier custom designed cake should be ordered 2-4 weeks ahead, a tiered custom cake 2-4 months and a wedding cake 6-12 months in advance. There is always a possibility that a custom / wedding cake can be done with less notice. It will depend on design, size and amount or orders already placed for the date in question. The sooner an order is placed the more likely we are to have availability to create your Dream Cake! 


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Flavors & Fillings

Cake Flavors

Standard Flavors: Yellow, Chocolate, Marble

Specialty Flavors (additional fee): White, German Chocolate, Almond, Coconut, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry, Chipper Cherry, Spice, Cookies n Cream, Red Velvet


Standard: Vanilla Buttercream,

Specialty (additional fee): Chocolate-Buttercream, Chocolate Fudge, German Chocolate (coconut-pecan), Lemon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Apple, Cherry