Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you put ____ on my cake?

If you’d like a character from a TV show or video game on a cake, chances are its copyrighted. Everything from College logos, to cartoon characters, even actors faces and professionally photographed images are copyrighted/trademarked. Written permission from the holder of the trademark/copyright is mandatory before we can make anything. 

There’s a couple solutions to this, the first is to get a one time use permission from company that owns the rights to the image you want to use. This however can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks/months. Colleges are very good about giving permission if you contact their marketing department. Permissions should be emailed to

If you’re working on a shorter time schedule, we have a book of approved materials that we pay to be able to use that has more popular characters like Mickey, princesses, and other popular cartoon/pop culture characters, and professional sports (no college teams). We can also do decorations on a cake, and you supply toys/figurines for the top of the cake.

Do you only make custom cakes?

No, we are a walk-in bakery with everything from Gourmet cupcakes, cookies, and bars, to ready made cakes and other specialty items. Custom and wedding cakes are our specialty and should be ordered as early as possible. In order to ensure freshness there are a number of items that are only made to order and not regularly kept in the cases. Check out our Bakery Menu pages to see the many items we carry, or stop in and pick up a treat or two for yourself and some friends.

Do you make shaped, sculpted or number cakes?

Yes, we make carved and sculpted cakes. These should be ordered well in advance, with a recommended 2-4 months notice. We hand carve each cake and due to the time planning and skill necessary to produce these kinds of cake, they are high $$$ cakes.

Please note that we adhere strictly to international copyright laws and cannot make any replicas or likeness of any copyrighted items, logos, figures, etc. without the written consent from the copyright holder.

Do you Deliver?

We do not offer delivery for any small cakes or bakery items and only deliver 3-tier or larger Wedding Cakes and tiered Military Ball Cakes. We also partner with Joyful Heart Delivery that offers delivery to Marine in the barracks. 

ADC is not officially partnered with any delivery service at this time. Certain 3rd party delivery services may still offer delivery options for American Dream Cakes, but ADC does not use a specific company, it is the customers responsibility to arrange for pickup and delivery of an item should they utilize this third party service. 

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards.  In store purchases may use google/apple pay. We do not accept EBT. We do not offer Cash app or Venmo.

What cake flavors do you offer?

We currently offer Yellow, Chocolate and Marble (yellow and choc. swirled together) as our base flavors.

In addition, certain size cakes can be ordered (for an additional fee) in our specialty cake flavors which include: White, German Chocolate, Almond, Coconut, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry, Chipper Cherry, Spice, Cookies n Cream, Red Velvet.  All flavors are “Baked Fresh, Never Frozen!” right here in our shop.

How early should I order a 'Basic' Cake?

A basic cake consists of either yellow, chocolate, or marble cake with roses or balloons in your choice of colors with a message. 

It’s recomended that you place your order at the minimum 48 hours ahead in order to allow for us to put your cake on our baking schedule. You can always place your order in advance.

How early should I order custom cakes?

Since each cake is unique, it will vary but the recommended time for single tier cake is 2-4 weeks notice. This time frame allows for proper preparation and drying time for any custom work we need to make for your cake.  For tiered custom cakes we recommend 2-4 months if possible. Brides usually book their wedding cakes with us 6-18 months in advance depending on size, complexity and distance to their venue.

Please note that we adhere strictly to international copyright laws and cannot make any replicas or likeness of any copyrighted items, logos, figures, etc. without the written consent from the copyright holder 

Can I have a cake made today?

We have 6 and 8 inch round cakes (Yellow or chocolate) available in our cases for walk-in clients. Depending on how many custom orders we have on any given day, we can sometimes take on a basic decorated cake for later the same day. We do not have any frozen cakes but rather bake a limited quantity of extras each day.  Specialty sizes and shapes are only baked to order.

Please note that we adhere strictly to international copyright laws and cannot make any replicas or likeness of any copyrighted items, logos, figures, etc. without the written consent from the copyright holder

How much does a 3-tier wedding cake cost?

Our wedding cakes are priced per serving. The per serving price is based on several things: design, filling type etc. Each wedding cake is unique and to give a price quote without all the specifics is not possible. Please call us to schedule your wedding consultation, free of charge, so we can discuss all the specifics of your Dream Cake.

Do you have a schedule for when you make each Gourmet cupcake flavor?

Short answer, no we don’t. We have over 100 flavors on our menu at this time, which is too many for a weekly schedule. We do our best to rotate all the flavors as evenly as we can as flavors change every day throughout the day. Any flavor can be special ordered (One dozen minimum per flavor) with 48 hours notice. You are always welcome to give us a call, 910-346-2347 and we’ll be happy to tell you what’s in the case at that moment.


Because we are a custom order cake shop, please be advised that all orders must be paid in full at time of ordering the product. Understand that the product to be created for you by ADC is unique and that ADC is setting aside time for research, ordering ingredients, supplies, ordering / creating custom decorations, scheduling amount of staff to work as well as turning other potential clients away a substantial amount of time before your event. It’s understood that your product will be ready on the date of Engagement. If you cancel, ADC will suffer losses due to the commitment they’ve made to you. These losses are hard to measure so therefore ADC has to enforce a strict NO REFUND policy for Cancelled orders.