Sweet Treats Trailer

The #SweetTreatsTrailer is seen at local fairs and festivals in Eastern NC throughout the year.  As one of the most popular food trucks in the area, it is constantly busy serving up gourmet cupcakes, fresh cookies, cheesecake pops, and other seasonal favorites.  The #SweetTreatsTrailer is also making appearances at more wedding receptions, corporate events, family reunions and other private events than ever before.

Booking the #SweetTreatsTrailer for your next event is easy.

* Choose a dessert package.
* Tell us how many guests (50 minimum).
* Confirm the date and time you’ll need us at the event.
* Team ADC will put together a custom quote for your event and deliver a delicious experience.


Book the #SweetTreatsTrailer EARLY! 6-8 months in advance is recommend as the trailer is scheduled to be at many annual festivals, events, and fundraisers each year.

* No changes or substitutions can be made to any of our catering packages.
Additional Fees

            * Fees for Sweet Treats Trailer booking are based on a 2-hour block of time (excluding travel and set-up)

* The booking fee is in addition to the catering package price and is based on the day, time and staff needed for your event. Please see the chart below for booking fee prices.

* A maximum of 1 additional hour can be booked for an additional fee of $100.

* If more than 3 hours are required, the booking fee will based on the chart below.

* Booking fees include 1-2 ADC staff members to set up at your event and ‘serve’ the dessert items. A $100 fee will be added for each additional staff member required for parties with more than 50 guests.

* If your venue offers free electrical hookup to a 50amp outlet (within 20 feet of trailer setup) a 10% discount off of the booking fee will be awarded.

* If no outlet is available, generators will be used. Please take generator noise into consideration when booking for weddings. ADC cannot shut off the generators during ceremonies, speeches, etc.

Booking Fees
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
11am – 1pm      N/A $395.00 $395.00 $395.00 $495.00 $495.00    N/A
1pm – 3pm      N/A $395.00 $395.00 $395.00 $495.00 $495.00    N/A
3pm – 5pm      N/A $395.00 $395.00 $349.00 $495.00 $495.00    N/A
5pm – 7pm      N/A $349.00 $349.00 $295.00 $495.00 $495.00    N/A
7pm – 9pm      N/A $349.00 $349.00 $295.00 $495.00 $495.00    N/A
Custom Packages and Wedding Cakes

* Custom Quotes are available.

* Custom and Wedding cakes can be added to any package for an additional fee.

* Cake cutting fees:

* WITH plates, forks, and napkins: $2.50 per guest

* WITHOUT plates, forks and napkins: $1.50 per guest

To learn more about the #SweetTreatsTrailer call 910-346-2347 and talk to a staff member!  Be sure to let us know the date and location of your event, approximate guest count (50 minimum) as well as your preferred dessert package.