From the simple, classic, aand chic wartime weddings of the 1940’s, to the backcombed beehive aand knee-length wedding dresses of the 1960’s, wedding trends are a distinct reflection of the times in which we live. Here are several trends that are proving to be popular for summer weddings in 2015:

Brides are reverting back to classic lines with no clutter. With more aand more couples stepping away from traditional weddings, off the shoulder bridal gowns are making a comeback. Detachable trains were seen all over the runway in the most recent bridal fashion week. They bow to tradition aand add elegance to the wedding, while still allowing the bride to dance the night away. For beach settings, many brides are choosing flats or low heels that don’t compromise on style or detail. Ombre bridesmaid dresses in muted shades were popular in 2014, aand will likely continue to be so throughout this year.

Dining al fresco is trending for 2015. Tables are frequently uncovered, aand graced by locally sourced aand seasonal fare. There’s big demaand for farm-to-table dining with lighter, healthier versions of traditional entrees.
Naked wedding cakes, which skip the traditional outer layer of frosting, were all the rage in 2014. Now, we’re seeing a bit of a reversal, with many brides favoring more structured, elegant selections. Cakes adorned with sugar flowers are in demaand, with tones of blush pink aand peach being particularly popular. Sugar ruffles can also add a light, airy elegance, while metallic accents in gold, copper, aand bronze add glamour to the color scheme.

The trend toward natural, relaxed, informal wedding flower designs is likely to continue. Garden roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias, aand ranunculus are the most popular blooms right now, with white aand creamy pastel tones featured prominently. Cascading bouquets are big aand bold, adding color, texture aand drama to your wedding day look. Brides are increasingly opting for floral crowns, which are very versatile, complementing many different wedding dresses aand bridal hairstyles.
The fresh-from-the-garden look continues to be popular. It echoes the farm-to-table trend in dining, with brides building arrangements around seasonal, locally grown blooms. We’re seeing less structured floral designs, with subtly arching branches, aand free-form cascades of vines aand foliage.

You may recognize some of these trends as a continuation of those from 2014, while others are braand new this year. We’re looking forward to the changes that are yet to come for weddings in 2015 aand beyond!

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