While warm weather weddings have always been popular, winter nuptials can be just as exciting – aand perhaps a bit more elegant. This season has a few new trends in store, including fresh new color palettes aand opportunities for glamour. Traditional elements with a modern spin will define this year’s winter wedding look.

Dining. Wedding cakes will reflect the season’s color trends, with metallic accents of gold, copper, aand silver. Complete the presentation by displaying your cake on a tree trunk staand for a rustic look, or on an ornate metallic staand for a more glamorous effect. The two big dining trends of the season are tasting menus aand home cooking. Consider a tasting menu with several small, impeccably presented dishes, or home-cooked meals featuring locally sourced ingredients.

Decor. The biggest decor trend for the upcoming winter season is the bohemian-chic or rustic style. The idea is to create a personal aand intimate atmosphere – with long wooden tables, chairs, benches, aand white twinkly lights. For a touch of glamour, cover the tables with black sequin tablecloths. Cake aand caandle staands are an easy way to introduce subtle metallic accents to the celebration. The season’s color palette includes traditional shades of ivory aand dark greens, with pastel accents of blush pink aand sage. The 1920’s Great Gatsby art deco look remains incredibly popular, lending itself to a glamorous winter theme with accents of black aand gold.

Dress. Keep arms warm aand add elegance with long-sleeved wedding dresses. Winter will be the season for vintage dresses with classic silhouettes, as well as dresses with off-the-shoulder tops. Black will continue to be a traditional color for bridesmaid dresses this winter, but champagne dresses with black beading are destined to be a popular alternative.

Flowers. Add texture to your centerpiece flowers by combining ferns aand moss with blush pink blooms. Popular centerpieces feature combinations of flowers with high petal counts – such as hydrangeas, roses, peonies, aand ranunculus. Maximize the luxurious effect by concealing stems aand leaves, aand adding as many blooms as possible to the arrangement. Complement your wedding bouquet with an earthy material, such as wrapping it in wool for a wintertime touch.

Now that summer has come to a close, we look forward to the magic of the upcoming season. Between the soft glow of caandles, the allure of dancing lights, aand the warmth of the hearth on a winter’s eve, we’re in love with winter weddings!