Each season has its own unique mood and favorite colors.  Here are trending wedding colors by season.

Spring: Peach & Mauve

This unique spring color combination adds warmth and brightness without being loud. Softened shades look great on anyone and are easy to replicate in floral bouquets.

You can create drama and dimension in your wedding palette by using splashes of coral or slightly darker versions of peach.

Who knew the marriage of peach aand mauve would be so beautiful in spring?

2019 spring wedding trends

Summer: Coral & Lemon

If you’re worried about choosing colors that might clash, coral and lemon pair together beautifully! Coral comes in many shades, so it’s easy to create a varied look throughout your wedding.

Yellow accents provide pops of color to round out the color scheme. These colors can be used in almost every element of your big day (invitations, dresses, flowers, table decorations, cake, food, etc.) Bold, warm and refreshing… coral and lemon make a splash as summer favorites.

2019 summer wedding trends

Fall: Sunset Colors

Why settle for one or two colors when you can have them all? Greens, peaches, tans, oranges, yellows and creams all blend well together. Rather than just the traditional bright colors of fall, these muted tones and shades are more sophisticated.

Adding natural fibers and elements like burlap and twine provide a rustic, earthy look.  Adding gold and lights will lift a reception event with a greater sense of elegance.

2019 fall wedding trends

Winter: Dusty Blue & Silver

This color palette is dreamy and romantic, while keeping an air of sophistication and refinement. You can mix and match bridesmaid dresses with different shades of blue, while groomsmen will be complimentary in gray.

Adding pops of muted sage will create dimension and reference the greenery of the winter season. You can let these colors stand out in big ways (invitations, statement centerpieces, grand flower arches, etc.) without them being overwhelming.

2019 winter wedding trends