We love the start of a new wedding season.  Each year is filled with the hopes, dreams and traditions of old being renewed and refined.  We’ve gathered up a few of the top cake trends forecasted for 2021 for you to consider as you dream about your wedding cake in 2021 or beyond. 

No Cake 

Wildly enough, a new trend is not having a wedding cake at all. With COVID-19 safety in mind, many couples are choosing individual dessert options to allow for social distancing. They’re opting to allow wedding cookies, donuts, or specialty cupcakes to ‘take the cake’ at receptions.  Additionally, many couples are having smaller ceremonies, with smaller cakes for fewer guests.

Elegant Simplicity

While some brides are letting go of the wedding cake, many want this generations-long tradition in their special day. For an increasing number of brides, the huge trend of minimalism is extending to their wedding cake choices. In 2021 we’ll continue to see elegant simplicity in design, color and embellishment. Less is more. Ivory and pale colors for cakes are common, and naked wedding cakes will continue to be popular.  Simple, elegant designs will be a strong mark of the 2021 season and beyond. 

Fresh Florals 

Flowers are not new on wedding cakes, but in 2021 we’ll see more edible fresh florals.  Pressed, dried and fresh edible flowers will be in-bloom on wedding cakes. For those who don’t want real edible flowers, be on the lookout for impressionist floral designs painted onto wedding cakes in the coming season or two.  Cake designers are incorporating more traditional art styles into their edible creations.  

Tons of Texture 

Texture, texture, texture! It’s been emerging for a couple seasons and you’re going to see more variations and application in 2021. There are many evolving styles of cake texture and embellishment.  Be on the lookout for pearls, gold flake, geometric patterns, lace patterns, filigree patterns, stained glass, sea glass, crystals and more in cakes this season. 

Whatever trends your heart desires to capture or create on your dream wedding cake, our team of cake artists is ready to help you make your wedding cake one to remember!  Contact our team for a design consultation.