One of the most important selections for your wedding is in the photographer. Photos they take of your wedding become keepsakes you and your family will look back on for the rest of your lives. You want photos to cherish that perfectly capture your expression of love.  It’s even better when they are unique and creative.  These 2021 wedding photo trends will make your wedding album stand out and keep you smiling for years to come.


Having your photographer capture real moments of your big day will make your joy so much more genuine in the photos. Ask your photographer to take photos of you and your guests dancing, talking, laughing, so when you look back, you’ll be transported back to that same moment of joy. Photographers Jenna & Tristan Shouldice 

Overhead/Drone Photography

A bird’s eye view of your wedding can give you a whole new perspective on your big day. Maybe it can show a better view of a detailed train on your dress, or show your venue in all its glory. 

First Look

Some couples are nervous to see each other on the day of their wedding! Many wish to have a private moment together before everyone else sees them in their wedding attire.  This special moment together prior to the ceremony is called a “first look.”  It can help get wedding jitters out of the way!  To capture their first reaction, they invite their photographers to shoot the moment to preserve it forever.

If the couple chooses not to see each other before their ceremony, some will do a first look the father of the bride to capture his reaction. And even if a first look isn’t in your cards, you and your fiancé can write each other letters to read while getting ready, and your photographer can record that moment for you.

Day After 

Wedding days are crazy! Sometimes the lighting disappears, or there’s just not enough time to get all the photos you want between the ceremony and reception. A great option to make sure you get every photo you want is to hold a second photo shoot the day after your wedding. You can also shoot at a location other than your venue, so if you have a special place you want to take photos at, but couldn’t get married there, you can take the opportunity of a day after shoot. Emma Bauso


Photographers can only take so many pictures. A common way that many couples are maximizing their photo opportunities is truly quite simple! Everyone carries a camera in their pocket every day. Why not have your guests take photos (at the reception) and post them to social media using a wedding hashtag? It will be a digital wedding album that you can look back on via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! It can also function as a digital guestbook. Hang a sign at the entrance to the reception with your hashtag and ask guests to use it when they post their photos!

Trash the Dress

Your wedding dress will probably sit in the back of your closet for the rest of your life. Maybe you’ll pull it out to show the kids one day, or you will feel sentimental and try it on in a few years, but you probably won’t wear it again. Why not have some fun?! Have a trash the dress photo shoot after your wedding! The options are limitless, but some ideas are a paint war with your new spouse, running through the waves at the sandy beach, going on a hike, smoke bombs… even take a swim in your dress! Janet Moscarello


So many details go into your wedding. From the cake, to the dress, the cufflinks, the shoes, the bouquet, the altar… it can be easy to forget to take note of them!  Great photographers are capturing these details and they make for stunning implied portraits of you and your spouse. Loong Ken

Embrace a few of these creative photography trends at your wedding and capture moments you’ll cherish for a lifetime.