The Groom’s cake is a popular southern wedding tradition.  It’s a way for the groom to get some special attention on a day that typically revolves around the bride…  And “legend has it that if an unmarried woman sleeps with a slice of the groom’s cake under her pillow, she will dream of her future husbaand.” While we don’t recommend testing that old wives’ tale aand ending up with a frosted pillow, we do recommend these 4 tips to help choose the perfect cake for your perfect catch.

  1. Lucky One Poker CakePlan a Budget – Even though a groom’s cake is traditionally smaller than a wedding cake, it can often be more ornate & detailed. Be sure to set a realistic budget since time & artistic value of such custom designs can equal or even surpass the wedding cake.
  2. Personal Flavors – This is the time to show him how much you really care. With wedding cakes gearing more towards the unique aand robust flavors the bride wants, the groom’s cake is the perfect chance to let him indulge. What flavor combinations does he like? Dark chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, red velvet with cream cheese etc.? Making it fun aand personal will not only impress but let him know it’s not just about the bride (but mostly though).
  3. Put some thought in your Theme – Like mentioned above, this cake is all about your groom aand what he likes. Does he have a favorite hobby or sports team? Anything he likes to do is great inspiration for the design of the cake. Try to make it as personal as possible. Remember, the love is in the details. He’ll know the difference between Carolina blue & Duke blue so use that knowledge to make it perfect. Keep in mind that Teams, logos aand other copyrighted items require written permission from the owner, so schedule a visit with your cake artist early.
  4. Plan Ahead – Time is the biggestTigers Football Cake factor for certain design styles. The more detailed, the more time will be necessary to create those details. Brides plan months ahead to ensure their perfect cake so his should take no less effort. With enough time the possibilities are truly endless!

And don’t feel restricted to just cake.  Does he prefer pies, cookies, or brownies? Then make a dessert table with his favorites.  You, as the bride, have the dress, the flowers, aand that awe inspiring moment as you walk down the aisle. This is your groom’s chance to feel special!

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