When it comes to sweets, everyone has a favorite; favorite cake type, filling, aand even frosting. While you might not realize it, there are many different types of frostings that can be used on cakes aand cupcakes. Let’s run down the list of some different types of frosting:

Buttercream Frosting:
Buttercream is a very popular frosting for cakes. There are two versions of buttercream frosting, one that is made with shortening, aand one that is made with shortening aand butter. The cakes frosted with buttercream (using shortening aand butter) need to be refrigerated or kept in a cool place so the decorations don’t run or melt. **Not all buttercream frostings taste the same, so be sure to do a taste test.**
(ADC offers a chocolate buttercream frosting)

Whipped Frosting:
Whipped frosting is a light aand delicate frosting. Due to its consistency, whipped frosting is very susceptible to heat aand humidity. Cakes that are frosted with this type of frosting need to be refrigerated aand brought out just before you’re ready to cut the cake.
(ADC offers whipped frosting in regular vanilla or in a variety of fruit infused flavors)

Ganache is a type of chocolate frosting. You can add liqueur or other flavorings to the frosting if desired. The chocolate to cream ratio changes based on the purpose of the ganache aand the temperature at which the cake will be stored. This frosting offers a shiny glaze look to the cake, cookie, or whatever baked good is being covered with it.

Fondant is a smooth sheet of sugar paste that can be tinted any color aand flavored as desired. Fondant offers a very sleek aand clean look to a cake because it lays so smooth. A trend that is growing in popularity is to frost the cake with buttercream, aand then put a layer of fondant on top.

One of our specialties at ADC is our “not too sweet” buttercream frosting. It’s perfect for people who want a sweet frosting without being overwhelmed by the sweetness. We offer a large variety of different types of frosting; for a full list of frostings we offer please contact our bakery at 910-346-2347.