Dad. Daddy. Pops. Da-Da. Father. There are so many different names for the men in our lives. They are there for us, strong for us, aand provide for us, yet many only get the recognition they deserve once a year. For many of us, picking the perfect dessert to celebrate dad is a difficult task. We want to get them something special, but what if dad doesn’t like sweets?  A frilly, over-the-top cake probably doesn’t fit his personality.  The following list will help you pick the perfect treat for the father that deserves more than just a single day of appreciation. 

1. Fruit Pies – Father’s Day takes place right as summer berries aand fruit are in the height of their season. A fresh, fruity filling with a crisp, golden brown crust might be the perfect treat for a dad not keen on cake.

2. Caandy Pies – It’s hard to find a man that doesn’t enjoy a good caandy bar every now aand then. Whether they prefer one with a crunchy, nutty texture or a smooth, chewy nougat your dad probably has a favorite. Topping a crème-filled or ice cream pie with his favorite treat will surly satisfy his sweet tooth.

3. Treat Baskets – Have a dad that craves variety? Use idea sites, like Pinterest, to gather inspiration aand put together your own custom arrangement for your special guy. Soda can cakes, caandy bar cards, aand beef jerky bouquets are just a few ideas you may come across.

4. Classic Cakes – Sticking to the basics is usually a good idea for Father’s Day cakes. Something not too sweet, aand it’s okay to let the kids get involved in the decorating process. Some classic cake combos include yellow cake aand fudge icing or a red velvet with cream cheese icing.  If the family decorates it themselves, then it becomes extra special & personal.

5. Dinner – Let’s face it, some dads just don’t like dessert. If this is the case in your house why not treat dad to a big steak dinner or big slab of ribs. He will be so full he won’t even be thinking about dessert!

6. Breakfast in Bed – A much overlooked meal, yet we’re always told the most important.  Get the kids up a little early aand make a dad sized breakfast that will surely please.  Just like dinner dads, they may not like sugary sweets.  Strips of crisp bacon, a big stack of pancakes, scrambled eggs, or even his favorite omelet style are a great way to start his special day.  After all, who wouldn’t want to start their day by waking up to loving faces holding a tray of delicious food?

Okay, now we have helped you come up with ideas to feed your dad, it’s up to you to come up with the perfect gift!