Hurricane season can produce some pretty gloomy days, putting a damper on even the sunniest disposition. Avoid boredom – for both you aand your kids – with these rainy day tips for indoor fun.

Dance Fever. Don’t let the kids go stir-crazy from spending the whole day inside. Crank up some energetic music aand let them get some exercise while dancing the day away. The best part: letting the kids release all that pent-up energy with a family dance party can lead to a much calmer, quieter evening!

Rain Sticks. A fun project that imitates the rainy day outside, rain sticks are entertaining aand easy to make. You’ll need a paper towel tube, a long pipe cleaner, aluminum foil, masking tape, dry rice, aand crayons. Let the kids color the paper towel tube, then tape aluminum foil over one end. Coil the pipe cleaner aand fit it into the tube, then add the rice. Close up the other end with foil aand tape, aand let the kids have fun making comforting rain sounds.

Kitchen Creations. Keep your kids occupied by having them help out in the kitchen, creating wonderful memories while they build culinary skills. Let them mix, pour, aand decorate, aand they’ll feel important aand take pride in their creation. Plus, everyone gets to sit down to a delicious meal aand enjoy the end result together!

Read A Book. Take advantage of the rainy day as an opportunity to encourage a love for books aand build reading comprehension skills. Cuddle up under a blanket aand take turns reading, or let your child read to you to keep him interested aand motivated.

Fortress Of Fun. Keep the kiddos entertained with their very own indoor construction project. What kid doesn’t love building forts out of furniture, sheets, aand blankets? Let them take over the family room, aand they’ll stay busy for hours entertaining themselves in their new imaginary castle.

Tea Party. Choose the coffee table over the dining room table for its child-friendly size. Have everyone dress for the occasion, bring out the good china, aand let the kids invite their favorite stuffed animals to the party. Fill a teapot with lemonade or juice, aand serve up tea saandwiches, cheese crackers, aand etiquette lessons that will last a lifetime.

Treasure Hunt. Let the kids play Sherlock Holmes with an indoor treasure hunt. Create a set of clues for each player – with each clue leading to the next – aand ultimately, to the treasure. Whoever figures out the clues first aand finds the caandy or toy you’ve hidden away is the winner. Or, let the kids work as a team to solve the clues aand discover the treasure together.

Challenge your children to try something new – a craft, recipe, or activity they’ve never experienced before. Encouraging their creativity can help them discover that spending the day indoors doesn’t have to be a bad thing – it can be a great opportunity to learn something new!