Mother’s Day is coming up, and it is the perfect day of the year to show the moms in your life just how much they mean to you. Whether you’re celebrating your wife, your mother, your grandmother, or all three, we have some heartfelt ideas for celebrating the beautiful women you love this Mother’s Day. 

A Young Mom

A young mom often works tirelessly without a second to herself. She is always chasing down toddlers, toys, and lost blankets. From bathtime to bedtime, she’s the family chauffeur, chef, nurse, and so much more. She does it all, all the time. Here are some ways to celebrate the young mom in your life. 

Activity: A night to herself—take the kids out, buy her some wine, order her takeout, and let her have the whole house to herself (or share it with a girlfriend).

GiftHand-made cards or crafts from the kids. She does it all for them! Help the kids make something special for Mom.  It will mean a lot this year and for years to come.

American Dream Cakes Goodies: Cream puffs and eclairs. The young mom in your life deserves some luxury and decadence. The delicacy of these pastries is a perfect way to celebrate her quiet mommy time!

A Mother of Teens or College-Age Children 

Whether she’s the mom to teenagers or almost an empty nester, she deserves some love this Mother’s Day! She raised humans from infants to adults. Here are tips for celebrating Mom when she’s starting to see her children take flight.  

Activity: Take her out to dinner at her favorite restaurant and to a show, activity or event she usually would usually skip for family time. She’s invested many nights doing what’s best for the family, give her a night that’s truly just for her.     

Gift: A spa day! Give her the gift of ultimate relaxation. Whether you schedule a day for her and drop her off (or join her), or you buy a gift card, she will appreciate the opportunity to recharge and relax. 

American Dream Cakes Goodies: Gourmet Cupcakes. ADC offers dozens of decadent flavors, from chocolatey, to coconut, fruity favorites, or carrot cake—if you can dream it, there is definitely an American Dream Gourmet Cupcake for mom! 


Not only did she raise her own children, she’s investing in yours now, too.  Big hugs, big heart and fewer rules…  she loves spoiling her grandbabies. She’ll be excited to spend the day with her family as you celebrate her.

Activity: It’s May, so it’s a perfect time to be outside and Grandmas value time together. Make some memories as you help her to spruce up a garden or front porch with the kids. Plant a fairy garden, vegetable seeds, or repot existing plants. Anything goes! 

Gift: A wind chime, so that every time the wind blows, she can think of her kids and grandkids who love her. Bonus points for handmade efforts here!

American Dream Cakes Goodies: Treat Grandma and the whole family to a cake, torte or even halvsie. Just like our gourmet cupcakes, there are plenty of flavors to choose from. Grandma’s favorite is sure to be available! Remember to call ahead and place your order. We strongly recommend a 24-48 hour notice for special orders.

We’ll help you make Mom’s day delicious this Mother’s Day so you can focus on making it one she won’t forget.  Happy Mother’s Day!