Administrative Professionals Day (April 26th) has become a well-recognized workplace holiday celebrated through social gatherings aand individual corporate activities. As an employer, it’s important to show your appreciation for your staff; this will help boost the moral in the office. When your employees are happy, they are more driven to produce the best work possible. Everyone likes to feel valued in a business.

Many companies arrange events or have a company lunch for Administrative Professionals Day. What better addition to an event/lunch than delicious desserts? American Dream Cakes offers cupcakes, cookie trays, brownies, specialty cakes, aand more for corporate events.

For desserts such as cookie trays, brownies, cake pops, a one-layer cake with the company logo, aand other basic desserts, a one to two week notice is needed to ensure your order will be completed on time. Early notice is always better to ensure you’re giving the bakery enough time to properly complete your desserts.

If you have questions about custom orders, call us to see if a consultation is needed. A logo cake doesn’t require a consultation, as long as a picture of the logo is provided to the bakery. For more complex orders a consultation will take the guess work out for the bakery; we can directly discuss what you want for your custom desserts.

Whether it’s a large corporate event of over 100 people, or a quaint small business event, American Dream Cakes has the perfect desserts to please your employees.


Our special for Administrative Professionals Day is beautifully decorated flower cupcakes. These cupcakes are sure to bring a smile to your employee’s faces. Pre-orders need to be in by Monday April 24th.  There will be cupcakes in-store to pick-up on the morning on the 26th as well.


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