As the sun sets on another summer and we prepare to say goodbye to long, hot days, it’s time for Labor Day.  And there’s no better way to celebrate Labor Day weekend than by indulging in a few cool, sweet treats. If you have a busy weekend of prep ahead of you, let our dessert experts win your guests over with a few of our favorite cool sweets!  

COOL Treats from the Bakery 

Key Lime Pie 

It’s tart. It’s creamy. It’s refreshing. Velvety, rich filling contrasts against our delicious graham pie crust to serve up slices of tropical bliss. Cool to the last bite! 

Cream Puffs 

Fluffy pastry sandwiches sweet cream in these delectable handheld goodies. They are a refreshingly cool and creamy experience, perfect for beating the heat on a Carolina summer day. 


Is there any occasion that doesn’t call for a cheesecake?! Our NY-style version is decadent and mildly sweet. Top it off with fruit for an extra-summery touch! 

Please call in advance for larger quantities of cream puffs or at least two days in advance to order a cheesecake or pie! Reminder: we will be closed on Labor Day! 


Cool Treats to Make at Home 

Watermelon Slushie 

Blend frozen watermelon chunks until smooth. Add a splash of lime juice and a touch of honey for sweetness. Serve in chilled glasses for a refreshing slushie.  

For an adults-only spin on your slushie, add some rosé for a refreshing watermelon frosé. 

Cucumber Mint Popsicles 

Blend one cucumber, mint leaves, half a cup of lime juice, and a few teaspoons of honey before pouring into popsicle molds. Freeze and enjoy! 

Frozen Chocolate Bananas 

Slice bananas into bite-sized pieces, insert toothpicks, and dip the banana slices into melted chocolate. Consider adding toppings like shredded coconut or nuts and then freeze! 


This Labor Day, we hope you stay cool and savor every bite!