“This year I am really going to stick to my New Year’s resolution”, we have all said it…aand most of us only last a few weeks before the resolution fades-out. Common resolutions include some form of fitness/healthier lifestyle. Cutting out junk food aand sweets abruptly is no easy task, your body misses the sweet treats you used to indulge in.

After a few weeks of being healthy aand eliminating all sweet treats from your diet, your body can’t take it anymore – it needs sweet. This typically results in the first “cheat-day”. You indulge in your favorites; ice cream, brownies, cookies, cake…etc. Once you’ve indulged in all your favorites, it’s hard to go back to that healthy lifestyle you started a few weeks ago. Your body wants to stick to this new indulging stage you’re in. Some of the healthy habits might stick, but cheat-days begin to outnumber your healthy days.

At ADC we care about your resolutions, aand we are happy to share with you a better way to cheat on your New Year’s resolution. A cake pop or a chocolate covered pretzel are perfect for your new healthier lifestyle. Each are a delicious treat small enough to pass your resolution, yet big enough to satisfy your craving.

There is no reason to eliminate all delicious sweets from your life. Moderation is your best friend – eat the right sweets, aand know your limits.