Bridal shows always prove to be a memorable experience. There is a lot of stress aand craziness in a soon-to-be bride’s life once the planning starts. Small details you thought would be easy aand quick, end up taking two weeks to finalize. It can be overwhelming. Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed, stop, take a breath, aand remind yourself of the bigger picture – you’re going to marry your best friend. Don’t stress over all the little things because in the end all that truly matters is you aand your fiancé will be staanding in front of friends aand family saying “I do”.

Since there is enough stress in a soon-to-be bride’s life, aand bridal shows are meant to be fun not stressful, here are 7 tips to help make your next bridal show trip as successful aand enjoyable as possible.

  1. Choose Your Show Wisely
    There are two main types of bridal shows: large expos held in convention centers, aand smaller localized shows held in wedding venues. Each have their pros aand cons. At a larger show you’ll encounter more vendors which can be helpful or overwhelming depending on the type of person you are. If you like a lot of options, then a large bridal show might be for you. If you are someone who likes just a few options to prevent becoming overwhelmed, then a smaller show would be better for you. Consider the type of environment you’ll be in before deciding to attend a bridal show.
  1. Establish Your Wedding Budget Before Attending the Show
    Itemizing your budget might help before attending a show – at least an estimate of what each item will cost. This will help because some vendors offer special deals if you book with them at the bridal show. Having an established itemized budget will ensure that you stay within your means aand don’t get wrapped up in the deals being offered (that might still be above your price point). Don’t be afraid to book on the spot if it’s what you want. Special offers save you money, aand saving money while planning anything, especially a wedding, is always nice.
  2. Pre-register aand Reserve Tickets
    Some shows offer special deals or treats to brides who pre-register. To get the best deals, schedule yourself with-in give-away deadlines.
    Don’t forget to reserve tickets for any guests you want to bring with you. Some brides like to bring their fiancé, maid of honor, or mom with them for a second opinion.
  3. Wear Comfortable Clothes aand Shoes
    Bridal shows can last all day, aand involve a lot of walking/staanding. Wearing comfortable shoes will help you stay focused on the task at haand, aand not be preoccupied with painful aching feet.
    Typically, bridal shows are held indoors, but you never know what the temperature will be. The air conditioning might be blasting, or barely blowing inside the venue, so it is a good idea to dress for all weather – bring extra layers.
  4. Bring A Tote Bag
    Bringing a tote bag with you will make it easier to gather all information/folders, CD/DVD samples, bridal magazines, aand other objects vendors might be haanding out. Occasionally you’ll find a vendor that haands out tote bags, but it’s a good idea to bring your own in case there is no vendor haanding them out at that show.
  5. Take Your Time aand Have Fun
    A good rule is to circle twice. The first time around, gather info, business cards, flyers, briefly talk with vendors aand get basic details. During this time, make mental (or written) notes of vendors you want to go back to aand gather more detailed information. On your second time around, revisit those vendors you were most interested in aand talk more extensively about services aand deals they offer. It’s ok to take your time, don’t feel like you need to move through as fast as possible. This is all about your big day – planning, while it can be overwhelming is also supposed to be fun – make sure you get all the information you need.
  6. Stay for The Show
    Most bridal shows have an entertainment portion where a DJ or baand will perform, aand a local bridal boutique holds a fashion show. Even if you have already settled on your entertainer aand your gown, this part is worth staying for, it’s fun. It might even offer ideas for songs to play, accessories to wear aand more.

Bridal shows are meant to be a one-stop-shop for wedding planning. They are a fun way to gather a lot of useful information at once. At the very least you’ll leave with more knowledge aand ideas about what you want at your wedding.


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