Summer weddings call for cakes that are as fresh, vibrant, and celebratory as the season itself. As couples prepare to tie the knot in 2024, bakers and cake designers are showcasing stunning new trends that are sure to delight. From daring colors to metallic and tonal designs, this summer’s wedding cakes are delicious works of edible art. Here are some of the hottest cake couture styles to look for this summer and beyond:  

Bright Colors & Tropical Vibes 

Capture the spirit of your favorite island paradise in your wedding cake with tropical fruit flavors and decor. Bright colors like fuchsia, orange and lime green give tropical cakes a vibrant pop, but bold, bright colors are trending in other styles, too. Decorative elements may include fresh flowers, pineapple leaves, coconut shavings or even edible hibiscus or orchids.  


Pearls are seeing a revival in popularity in 2024. Bakers are meticulously placing edible pearls on cakes, creating a glamorous, pearl-encrusted look. Pearls can be used as an all-over design element or combined with fresh flowers for a summer wedding cake. The classic and timeless nature of pearls complements the bridal aesthetic. As pearls are also trending in 2024 bridal fashion for dresses, veils, and accessories, incorporating them into the cake design creates a cohesive, sophisticated style.  

Metallic Details 

Metallic details are making a comeback as popular cake trend this year. Metallic accents like silver leaf, shiny edible sprinkles, and edible glitter are bringing a touch of glamour and shine to wedding cakes in 2024. Bakers are using metallic elements as accents or even full metallic frosting effects to add a luxe, modern feel to cakes. Silver, gold, copper, and iridescent metallics are trending with a glamorous and tasteful look.   

Textural & Tonal Cakes 

Texture is an incredible way to add sophistication and visual interest to your wedding cake. Growing in popularity in 2024, brides are increasingly opting to add pleats, waves, lace, ruffles, stenciled patterns, monochromatic textures and detailed designs to wedding cakes. Brides are moving away from perfectly smooth surfaces, adding depth and sophistication in the process. 

Tonal cakes feature a single color palette across the entire cake design. This uniformity creates a cohesive and visually striking look. Instead of contrasting colors, these cakes play with different shades, tints, and tones of the same hue. Decorative elements like sugar flowers, ruffles, textures, and piped details are all rendered in complementary tones. Techniques like stenciling, embossing, and pleating create stunning depth and dimension when executed in tonal shades. 

Geometric Grandeur 

For a more modern, architectural look, geometric designs and patterns are huge for 2024 weddings. Sharp lines, angles and shapes create a bold visual impact. These cakes often have a minimalist color palette of white or soft neutrals, allowing the geometric elements to be the star.  

Floral Fantasies 

Romantic floral details are a timeless choice for wedding cakes that never goes out of style. But 2024 brings fresh new twists like hand-painted edible blooms, lifelike sugar flowers, or lush cascading vines and greenery. Soft pastel shades or rich jewel tones both pair beautifully with these botanical beauties. 

No matter which style catches your eye, this summer’s wedding cakes are sure to be showstoppers. With so many creative designs and flavors, your cake will be as unique as your love. Let these trends inspire your own delicious cake couture with the cake designers at American Dream Cakes!