Looking for ways to keep the kids busy this summer? Do you find them spending too much time glued to devices? Don’t worry! From nature activities to edible crafts, there are plenty of ways to have fun!  Here are a few ideas to inspire you and get the summer fun started. 


Nature Scavenger Hunt 

Create a list of items for your kids to find around the yard that you don’t have to set up. Think about options like moss, a smooth rock, a flower, something colorful… send them out looking for things you know are already there. They’ll get to spend time outside while they think the list through!  


Make bird feeders 

There are all kinds of ways you can make a bird feeder for the backyard with just a few supplies.  You can even let your kids pick which type of feeder they want to build  and have them help with the supply list. After they’ve put them together, hang them and watch the birds visit to enjoy them throughout the summertime. 


Paint rocks 

Get crafty and paint summer themed rocks! You can keep these in your own yard to add a pop of color to your flower beds and for your and your summer guests to enjoy.  Or, if you feel like sharing a smile, you can plant them around town to bring a little bit of joy to a stranger’s day. 


Movie Day 

If it’s a little gloomy outside or you and the kids are tired from other active days… have a movie day! Pop some popcorn and grab a few of the kids’ favorite snacks, make the couch a little extra cozy, and turn on your favorite family-friendly flick. In the summer in Jacksonville, there are family movie nights in the park, too. Check this summer’s schedule here: https://www.jacksonvillenc.gov/951/Summer-Family-Fun-Days  


DIY Cupcake Kit 

Indulge in a deliciously sweet summer activity with your kids or grandkids. Whether they like Mermaids, Dinosaurs, or something else, you can order one of our DIY cupcake kits for a fun time together! Be creative and decorate your cupcakes, take photos of your handiwork, and then enjoy gobbling up your own delicious American Dream Cakes cupcake! Yum! 

Plant a garden 

For an activity that will keep the kids engaged all summer long, plant a garden! Select a few fruits, veggies, or flowers your kids will enjoy and plant them together in your yard. Teach them how to water and tend to the garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor once harvest time comes! 


Build an obstacle course 

On a hot sunny day, put together some of your outdoor furniture, ropes, etc., to make an obstacle course in the backyard. If you have just one child, give them a challenge of a time they should have to beat, but if you have multiple, let them compete to see who can go through the fastest. It’s always fun on a hot day to include a water feature for cooling off! 


Camp in 

Camping outside can be a buggy, muggy experience.  On a rainy or hot day, you can set up camp inside! Put up a tent in the living room, make trail mix with the kids, tell campfire stories, and if you’re craving something sweet, make s’mores in the oven or on the stove!  


Remember, kids are only young once! Invest a little time making amazing memories this summer.  Spend time together crafting, building, telling stories, and more. Have fun and enjoy a bit more time in the coastal Carolina sunshine while school is out!