Wooing brides with laid-back charm since 2013, naked cakes have proved they are here for the long haul. Initially showcasing a bare cake layer with all the icing or fruit filling on the inside, styling variations have popped up everywhere. From multiple cake flavor tiers to more icing on the outside, giving a “peek-a-boo” look, naked cakes have evolved from laid-back trendy to simple sophistication.

Popular naked wedding cakes show yellow cake with fruit topping or a light colored icing swipe; however, options are not limited there. Gather inspiration from your wedding season, style or venue to personalize your unique cake story.

Here are ideas to help you make your naked wedding cake details unique.

Include more than one cake flavor in a multi-layer naked cake by choosing different flavors for each tier layer. Various cake flavors add another dimension of colors and contrast.  We’ve even seen a naked cake taken up a notch with playful confetti cake colors.  The sky’s the limit.  Be creative.

Chocolate naked cakes filled with chocolate frosting or ganache offer an indulgent option without being overpowering.

Choose a seasonally inspired cake flavor like carrot cake, or choose fall-friendly fruits to add the perfect little element of “extra.”