Congratulations, your student did it! They worked hard and you supported them through it all. The time and energy invested have brought you to a major milestone and now it’s time to celebrate! American Dream Cakes would love to bring your graduation celebration to life with a delicious centerpiece. We’ve made many unique graduation cakes over the years and enjoy tailoring them for each individual graduate.

Graduation cakes are a great way to showcase the personality of your graduate. The cake can be as custom as you’d like. It might feature the graduate’s accomplishments, future educational or career plans, or hobbies & interests. The possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind the use of any college, university, or other logo or mascot requires a one-time use of creative properties release. The client is responsible for obtaining written permission to use the copyright-protected image. We will never take an order or make anything that is copyright protected without written consent first. Permission can be requested through the trademark department for your school or the photographer who took the picture.

Although It’s never too late to inquire about availability, we recommend placing orders 2-4 weeks in advance for basic designs and 2-4 months for tiered and sculpted cakes. We bake and decorate all our cakes fresh and operate as a custom cake shop. For that reason, we limit the number of orders we book for each day based on the complexity of the design and the time it will require.

Graduation season will be here before you know it! Choosing a design for your cake is a big part of a successful celebration. For a little inspiration kick-start, we’ve put together a video with a few recent graduation cake styles. You can find more inspiration on our Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest channels. Or bring in your own ideas and a cake designer will help bring them to life! Ready to get started? Contact the bakery today at (910) 346-2347.


Some of our recent graduation favorites:

If you would like more information on the custom cake process read about it here Custom-Cakes