Easter isn’t just for kids anymore! Elevate your Easter celebration with sophisticated gourmet Easter baskets filled with delicious baked goods from American Dream Cakes Bakery. From Easter cupcakes to chocolate-covered pretzel sticks, brownies, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies, your fresh-baked basket items will delight both the young and the young at heart. We’ll also share creative packaging ideas to make your Easter baskets beautiful.

  1. Select Your Treats:

– Start by choosing a variety of treats from the bakery. Include a mix of traditional Easter favorites like pastel cupcakes with sprinkles, and unique offerings like chocolate-covered pretzel sticks drizzled with spring colors. Include some elements with height, and some that are small.  A variety of sizes and colors will make a prettier basket!

– Don’t forget classic treats like rich, fudgy brownies, sugar cookies, tea cookies, or chocolate chip cookies. Choose items your basket recipient loves and a variety of sizes and colors.

– Want to add a bit more height to your basket or a little more “grown-up” vibe? Add a sparkling wine or your recipient’s favorite beverage.

– Other Items to consider:  a gift card, a savory treat, Easter decorations, or small, personalized gift items.

  1. Putting it Together:

– Select pastel-colored baskets or decorative boxes you can fill and adorn with ribbons and bows from your favorite craft store or specialty packaging shop. Be sure to allow enough space for the items you have selected, but not a lot of extra space.  A full basket or gift box will present better!

– Line the bottom of each basket or box with colorful Easter grass or tissue paper to create a festive base for your treats. Hint: Place small boxes, like empty jewelry boxes or small votives, upside down under tissue or grass in the back of the basket to build “tiers” for displaying your treats.  This added height will make more items visible and add interest to the display.

– Arrange your treats in an attractive manner, placing taller items like cupcakes or pretzel sticks towards the back and smaller items like cookies and brownies towards the front.  Consider adding decorative touches like edible Easter-themed decorations or mini-Easter eggs nestled among the treats for a festive finish.

  1. Personalization:

– Make each Easter basket unique by personalizing it for the recipient. You can include their favorite flavors or customize the decorations to match their preferences.

– Add a handwritten note or Easter card to each basket for a personal touch.

  1. Wrap it up:

– When your Easter baskets are arranged and personalized, it’s time to wrap it up with finishing touches like cellophane wrapping, ribbons, or bows.

– If you’re delivering the baskets to friends or loved ones, consider adding a festive Easter-themed tag with their name handwritten on it for a final, personal touch.


Creating gourmet Easter baskets filled with treats from your bakery is a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday. With a mix of delicious treats, creative packaging ideas, and personalized touches, you can delight friends and loved ones with a truly memorable Easter gift.