We are all guilty of it; getting ready for friends to come over aand running to the local grocery store to pick up a dessert for the night. Here is a piece of advice… Stop!

Fresh, homemade desserts are better tasting aand better for you.  At ADC, we offer you the convenience of running to get a dessert without losing the fresh, homemade quality. All of our desserts are made fresh daily from only the best ingredients. Our products are never frozen to ensure you get great tasting, moist deserts, cakes, cupcakes etc.

torteSometimes choosing a healthier dessert means substitutes like applesauce instead of butter. Baked fresh desserts don’t have/need those substitutions, but are still healthier than store-bought options which include ingredients like maltodextrin, xanthan gum, aand other additives. Baked goods from the grocery store also contain refined oils aand high fructose corn syrup. You might not be able to taste them, but they are not good for your body. By purchasing fresh baked goods, you can enjoy the taste of the desserts while avoiding ingredients manufactured in a lab.

cupcakesWhat you may not know about most grocery store desserts/cakes is: they are baked, packed, frozen aand shipped to the local grocery store, kept frozen, thawed out, decorated aand many times put back in a help-yourself freezer. The shelf-life when kept frozen is 6-12 months! That’s why there are so many preservatives aand additives – to increase the shelf life aand keep them “fresh” until you purchase them.

Next time you’re looking for the perfect dessert for a gathering with friends, remember to choose the store that makes them with fresh ingredients. Desserts from ADC taste great – so you can have your cake aand eat it too!