The transportation of baked goods can be perilous. On a good day, your cake enjoys a smooth ride from the bakery to its destination. It arrives unscathed, aand is devoured by your happy, hungry guests. Then there’s the day the bakery van tire hits that pothole the city still hasn’t fixed or the floors of your venue were just waxed aand no one was told about it. Woops! It is because of these unpredictable situations that our ADC delivery team is never without a cake emergency kit aand neither should you. To avoid having a cake disaster on your haands we recommend you bring a few things with you. Here are some of the items we always keep with us:

Floral Wire – For cakes decorated with flowers, we keep some floral wire haandy to wrangle the arrangement back into position.

Fondant Roller And Fondant Smoother – These tools are a must for making on-site repairs.

Fondant Scraps That Match The Cake – Needed to level wobbly toppers or make last-minute repairs.

Buttercream To Match The Cake – This is also for patching boo boos!

Two Big Angled Spatulas – If you’ve ever had to move a cake off of a board or reposition a tier, you’ll understaand why these are always in out in kit.

Small Angled Spatula – The best type of spatula for minor repair work.

Grippy Shelf Liner – Haandy for preventing your cake from sliding around on a cake staand, or leveling a wobbly cake table.

Assortment of Dowels, Toothpicks, Straws, And Skewers – Useful for keeping cake toppers where they belong – on top!

Needlenose Pliers, Wire Cutters, And Scissors – These are the cake repair equivalent of MacGyver’s Swiss Army Knife.

Small Knife – ‘Cause you always bring a knife to a cake fight!

Instant Stain Remover Pen – Just in case we make a small mess while perfecting your cake display.

Paper Towels – Always needed during a cleanup.

Dealing with last-minute cake emergencies is never fun, but having a well-stocked emergency kit on haand means that you can rest assured that just like the American Dream Cake delivery team, you can haandle practically anything that comes up!