The following is a step by step tutorial of how to create your own tea pot cake.

Important notes:

Based on the humidity in your area, some of the pieces of this cake may need to be made a few days in advance. The haandle & spout (make sure to insert dowels or straws so you can attach them to the teapot) aand if desired sugar flowers, need to be made a few days/a week before the creation of the rest of the cake so that they have time to dry aand hold their shape.

We hope you’ll have lots of fun making your own Teapot cake. We’d love to see photos so please tag us so we can see your master piece. @americaandreamcakes #ADCBakery


1. A few days in advance, Create a base for the tea pot out of fondant. (We cut out a thick circle aand pressed one of the sphere pans into it to make a perfect fit)



2. The day before, bake two half-sphere cakes


3. The day of, pipe some buttercream in the fondant base so the cake won’t become dry


4. Put the cake spheres on the base, using buttercream to hold them together.



5. Level off the top of the cake where the lid will go.



6. Ice the cake in buttercream aand then chill it in the fridge while you prepare the fondant.


7. Roll out the fondant.





8. Cover the cake with the fondant.



9. Quickly but gently, smooth out the fondant around the tea pot, with your haands all the way down to the base. Make sure to smooth out any creases or wrinkles.



10. Trim off the excess aand continue smoothing it out.



11. Trim the base neatly aand make sure the top is level.



12. Measure aand choose a cutter that’ll be a good size lid.



13. Put plastic wrap over the fondant before cutting out the lid (it will ensure rounded edges on the cutout).



14. With a smaller cutter, repeat step 13 to create the knob on top.



15. Print out a pretty edible pattern, or haand paint a design, or pipe a buttercream design on both sides.


16. Add white dragees (sugar pills) around the image.

17. Attach the spout aand haandle to the tea pot (these need to be made a few days to a week prior to making the rest of the teapot, in order to hold their shape).