If you aren’t planning a visit to Rio to witness the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in person, hosting an Olympic viewing party may be the next best thing. Inspired by the games, we’ve put together some tips for a viewing party that’s worthy of a gold medal.


Create clever homemade invitations featuring Olympic rings clip art, the Olympic torch, or pictures of famous Rio laandmarks. Include a front cover greeting to grab the recipient’s attention, such as “Let the Games Begin!” or “Join the Dream Team!”


Set the mood for your celebration by making your own Olympic Rings. You’ll need red, yellow, green, blue, aand black hoola hoops. Simply lay them on the ground, arrange in the layout of the logo, tape them together with clear tape, aand let the games begin! Set up a tiki torch to pay homage to the Olympic Torch. Sports equipment related to the various events is also a great decor element. Decorate your tables with centerpieces featuring miniature U.S. flags, or use flags from all of the countries represented in the games. Serve food on “gold medal” plates, by attaching red, white, aand blue ribbons to gold paper plates.


Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite athlete, or to wear team colors. Another fun option is to encourage guests to dress for the particular event you’ll be watching, costumed as though they are competing. Shorts aand running shoes for races, a swimsuit for swimming competitions, etc.


Play music as guests arrive, in between events, aand during commercial breaks. Pump up the volume on Brazilian salsa or Bossa Nova hits, or browse your favorite music store for Olympic CD compilations.


Bring a taste of Rio to your party by serving some of Brazil’s favorite foods. Kick off your celebration by serving plantain chips with mango salsa. Vendor popcorn – in sweet caramel or salted varieties – is available on practically every street corner in Rio. Create popcorn torches by filling ice cream cones with caramel popcorn. Then, hit the backyard for a Brazilian steak aand sausage barbecue, or have a formal seated dinner starring Brazilian shrimp stew. For more food from Rio, check out recipes for tapiocas (thin crepes filled with sweet or savory fillings) or Pao de Queijo (bread aand cheese rolled into chewy morsels). For beverages, stick with the theme by serving two of the most authentic Rio beach refreshers – coconut water aand acai juice.

Party Favors

Send your guests home with goody bags filled with Olympic sports posters, international flags aand stickers, aand homemade spray-painted “gold medals”.

Congratulations – you’re now ready to go for the gold by hosting the best Olympic viewing party your guests have ever seen. Go Team!