Many times, military couples marry far from home or on short notice before a deployment or overseas duty station.  When that happens, family may not be present for their vows and there may not be time to plan a big ceremony or reception.  A courthouse wedding or small ceremony with a few friends is conducted with plans to include family and more formal traditions for a “real wedding” at a later date.  Your wedding was as real as it gets, but some brides and grooms missed the feeling of celebrating their union with traditional elements and family present.  It’s time for “I Do, Round 2.”

A second ceremony can be planned shortly after a deployment or years later as a vow renewal.  No matter what brings you to the place you’re ready to celebrate your marriage with family and friends, it’s never too late to commemorate all your love has brought you through together.  What’s special about it this time, is that you and your spouse have some time invested in this relationship and are poised to make a ceremony even more personal and memorable because this time… it’s all about the two of you sharing your story with your world.

Enjoy a few tips below, then download the full version of our “I DO, ROUND 2” Guide.

  • Embrace the Round2 Factor: This is round 2. You’ve already “been there, done that” on some items.  Make it personal, and feel free to skip whatever fails to make your heart sing.
  • Guest List: You can trim it down or go hog-wild.  Your call.  Just be sure you include the folks you want to have present with you for the memory making.
  • Dress Code: Gown… yes.  It’s your last chance to wear that dress!  Check with regulations for your branch of service if your groom will be in uniform.
  • Vows that Wow: Decide together if you want to recite the same vows you originally made at your wedding or make it more personal by writing your own together.