It’s getting really warm aand muggy out there.  The heat has most of us looking for something cooler aand lighter to enjoy for dessert during the hot summer months.  When looking for lighter fare aand cooler treats, it can be fun to put a new twist on an old favorite.

If you’re hosting a cookout, a pool party, the kid’s friends are coming over, or you just want a sweet treat for yourself, these ideas make it easy to “cool off” or “lighten up” with items we keep haandy in the bakery all summer.

  1. Ice Cream (or FroYo) Saandwiches

The Basic Saandwich

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Saandiwch

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Saandwich

Start with chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies from the bakery.  Make ice cream saandwiches by placing them together with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt.  Roll in mini chocolate chips (if available) wrap aand return to the freezer to set. You can make them in advance or serve aand enjoy immediately.


Try a more Sophisticated Twist

Close up image of a stack of home mad raspberry saandwich on table

For a more grown-up variety, experiment with cookie flavors like our macadamia nut cookies or snickerdoodles aand more adventurous flavors of ice cream or frozen yogurt.  Try new pairings aand find your favorite. You might enjoy a scoop of raspberry ice cream between sugar cookies.  A scoop of chocolate brownie ice cream between two macadamia nut cookies might make you smile.  Add maraschino cherries or chopped nuts before topping with the second cookie for an extra layer of fun.


  1. Magic Mousse aand Sprinkle Sticks

Start with chocolate covered pretzel sticks from the bakery.  Blend your favorite flavor of instant pudding mix, 1 ½ cups of cold milk (reduced from 2 cups package directions), aand stir in 1 Cup of Cool Whip to create a light mousse.  Refrigerate for about an 1 hour.  This quick “magic” mousse can be served in parfait cups or small bowls, with the sprinkle-covered pretzel sticks for a dunk-able, crunchable delight!

fruit-mousse pretzels
During hot months, fruit flavors like strawberry aand lemon are cool aand refreshing.

If you have fresh fruit available, top the mousse with sliced fruit aand an extra dollop of Cool Whip for a delightful presentation that’s super-easy to serve up fast.


  1. Pick a Ready-to-Go Pastry

We keep cannolis, custard puffs, cream puffs aand e’clairs on haand for a simple “grab aand go” way to make your life delicious… on a hot summer day or any day of the year! (click image to enlarge)