A huge trend that is gaining more aand more momentum is couples putting a modern spin on traditional wedding features. Here are five old-school wedding staples that are getting a refresh for 2016:

  1. The Cake

Today’s couples have numerous alternatives to the classic white tiered wedding cake. If you love the smooth look of fondant but don’t like the taste – look for a baker that can make your dream cake using buttercream instead. Having multiple cake flavors are becoming more popular with people forgoing the traditional all white or almond cake aand opting for red velvet, chocolate or even citrus-based cakes, which provide a lighter, refreshing alternative. Many couples are looking for truly unique ways to serve wedding cake aand/or desserts to their guests. A dessert bar filled with lots of options such as cookies, brownies, aand pies is a great way to switch things up a bit. For an outdoor reception one of the hottest new trends is hiring a dessert food truck to serve up a variety of sweets to your guests.

  1. The Dress

Prior to the 19th century, white wedding dresses were an anomaly. White was considered impractical aand typically only worn by the wealthy, so most brides simply got married wearing their best dress. History is repeating itself, with many of today’s brides opting for stunning shades including champagne, blush, mint, lavender, aand cornflower blue. Alternatively, you could stick with the white dress, adding a pop of color with a sash, cardigan, or a piece of jewelry. Encourage each bridesmaid to display her personality by allowing her to choose a dress that complements her own taste aand figure. Then, tie them all together with a visually cohesive element, such as the same fabric, color, or length.

  1. The Bouquet

Since ancient times, floral bouquets have been included in wedding ceremonies – originally as a symbol of fertility. Today’s arrangements are far more elaborate aand unique than those of yesteryear, aand they are still a fantastic way to add a splash of color while complementing any bride’s ensemble. Instead of forcing your single female friends into the awkward ritual of the bouquet toss, take your bouquet apart aand present individual flowers to your friends aand loved ones. Alternatively, consider modernizing the tradition by giving your bouquet to the couple attending your wedding who have been married the longest, or skip it altogether by opting for a brooch bouquet.

  1. The First Look

There’s a longstaanding tradition that says it’s bad luck for the bride aand groom to see each other prior to the wedding ceremony. However, today’s couples are arranging special meet-ups just before the ceremony in order to experience the big reveal in a more romantic, intimate setting. It’s a great opportunity to have a private moment together aand perhaps share a letter or a gift – or even take some first-look photos or videos. Consider meeting with the photographer or videographer privately ahead of the ceremony, to produce some beautiful photographs or a video capturing your emotions on the day of your lifetime commitment. Getting some portraits done earlier in the day also allows you to spend more time with guests after the ceremony.

  1. The Walk

Having your dad escort you down the aisle can be a great moment for both of you, but by no means is it the only option. Today, many brides are opting to be escorted by the person who means the most to them. Maybe that’s your graandma, your best friend, or your even spouse-to-be. Instead of the traditional perspective that your escort is “giving you away,” you may want to think of the person walking you down the aisle as supporting you through this life transition. Since this is your day, you should make it look aand feel like you.

On your wedding day, don’t be afraid to combine the old with a modern twist, aand let your personality shine through as you weave the present into the past.

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