National Cookie Day is December 4th! Whether you’re leaving them out for Santa or decorating them with your family, cookies are a beloved treat to enjoy during the holiday season. While you may love a few modern-day favorites, cookies can be traced back to 7th-century Persia. 

Christmas cookies specifically originated in Medieval Europe, when families would bring biscuits and sweets as gifts to their loved ones around the holidays. Various European countries put their own spin on cookies, adding combinations of cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, almonds, molasses, dried fruit, and more. 

Our American Dream Cakes family recipe for Schackrutor Cookies is of course one of our favorites! These Swedish checkerboard cookies are a fun way to include kids in the kitchen as an activity with delicious results. They’re a crowd-pleaser because they are half chocolate and half vanilla. This recipe is from Gunilla’s childhood and makes a fun addition to your family’s Christmas feast! 

Make Schackrutor Cookies

Another fun cookie to enjoy or gift during the holidays is the Swedish Pepparkakor, a sweet and spicy cookie that’s similar to gingerbread. These cookies are a staple at any Swedish holiday feast, and that’s why we offer them every Christmas for Eastern North Carolina to enjoy a taste of international tradition.

Don’t have time to bake this Christmas? We’ve got the perfect solution. Place your orders now for a Santa’s Favorite Cookie tray to find out which flavor is Old Saint Nick’s favorite this year, or order party trays for your holiday occasions. We’re here to help make life delicious… and your holidays simpler!