There are many things to consider in planning a successful military reunion.  What location is ideal?  How many will attend?  What travel & lodging plans are needed?  What will the length of the reunion be? How will communication and media be managed?

The foundation of a successful reunion is providing attendees with memorable experiences that are easy to enjoy and to share.  Jacksonville boasts attractions on and off MCB Camp Lejeune including the Lejeune Memorial Garden, the Montford Point Marine Museum, and beautiful waterways to explore.

The capstone of a great reunion is often the Gala Banquet Dinner.  For venues, menus and entertainment, working with professionals who know the local market is helpful.  When it comes to making a centerpiece statement that’s just as delicious as it is beautiful…  that’s where American Dream Cakes can help!

We’ve created USMC Birthday Ball Cakes, Parade Cakes, and more.  If your reunion adopts a theme, we can integrate your reunion theme into a military reunion cake that provides a striking centerpiece for your Gala Banquet Dinner.

From formal emblem and logo cakes to more fun-loving dimensional designs, we’ve got you and your Gala Banquet guests covered.  Contact our team for help planning your military reunion cake!