Our favorite fall classic, delicious pies.

Moving closer to fall’s cool air and cozy nights, it is time make room for cake’s rustic cousin… pies.  From Sunday afternoon family gatherings to office celebrations, pies offer a delicious dessert option that also feeds the soul.

Here are a few favorite fall classics waiting for your preorder this season.


A MUST for any traditional fall gathering, pecan pie brings nutty sweet flavors to the table.


Pumpkin is the quintessential full-fall flavor. This creamy classic pie won’t last long at your family get together. You may want to order 2 or 3!

Can’t decide between pumpkin or pecan? Try our PUMPKIN MOUSSE PIE!

As a fun alternative to the classic pecan or pumpkin pies, pumpkin mousse has a full-flavored, creamy filling. Choose yours with pecans or whipped topping.

Other flavors including chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, pineapple, strawberry, and raspberry are also available.


Fresh from scratch, hand peeled, diced apples topped with an Oatmeal-walnut streusel, this Dutch apple makes it hard to say no to a second piece.


American Dream Cakes has pies for everyone’s taste this season. Sweet and tart lovers, this key lime pie is for you!

We receive numerous fall holiday pie orders. Ensure this season’s memories are delicious. Call and pre-order today to guarantee your flavor is available the date you want it.