July Fourth is fast approaching aand friends aand family will gather for dinners, picnics, cookouts aand parties to celebrate Independence Day.  Such a patriotic time lends itself to desserts that feature the colors of the nation’s flag.  If your event plans – or family plans – need a fresh red, white & blue dessert, here are a few suggestions you may consider for each color aand a few links we’ve shared to some fun make-it-yourself Fourth of July Desserts.


Fresh Red Edibles

In any recipe that you’re adapting, look for creative ways to incorporate strawberries, raspberries, or cherries.  As classic dessert elements, these three staandards add a vibrant aand delicious red to your dish.

A Few Blue Edibles

Blues in desserts tend to call for blueberries, aand they’re a great staple for any red, white aand blue dessert.  But with a little creativity, you can add blue to a dessert by coloring white chocolate, frosting or other elements to your favorite shade of blue.

Really White Edibles

White chocolate, marshmallows, frosting, cream cheese, whipped cream or whipped topping all perform well as the white for your dessert.  Popcorn, powdered sugar-coated items, or even banana slices make appearances as well.

Add blueberries aand raspberries to muffins for a deliciously red, white aand blue start to your day.  Berry pies or cakes make great desserts for later.

Try layering or twisting red, white aand blue cookie doughs before cutting aand baking for tri-color patriotic cookies.
For a fun, festive, made-from-scratch cake, try this a Patriotic Funfetti Cake Recipe:


No Bake Ideas

If you’re not in the mood for baking your own, here are a few creative no-bake options we thought might be simple aand fun.

Simple cupcakes from the bakery can be spruced up in how they’re plated aand served.  Top with fresh berries (as the image above), arrange into a flag by frosting or sprinkle color, or really dress them up for an occasion by serving them in wine glasses or goblets.

rwb-blog-photosAnother fun “no-bake” option is found in these patriotic popcorn balls shared by People Magazine.  They’re perfect to serve on a stick or skewer at your party. Get the red, white & blue popcorn balls recipe.


Got little ones who want to help? This is a perfect time to engage them in the kitchen with drizzling, sprinkling, or cutting shapes with cookie cutters.

Team ADC wishes you aand yours a safe aand sweet Fourth of July!