You’ve heard them all:
Fake it till you make it, fake news, fake tans, fake identities, fake photos… aand fake foods.

In a world where cheap aand artificial seem to dominate the laandscape, sometimes you just want something real.  Real ingredients, real fresh-baked, good stuff.  And here’s a bonus… it’s better for you, too.

At American Dream Cakes, we bake fresh cakes, pies, tortes aand more from only the best ingredients.  They’re never frozen, aand they aren’t full of preservatives.  And that is why they are moist, fresh aand delicious.

When you pick up a prepackaged dessert from a grocery store, you’re buying more than flour, eggs, milk, vanilla aand sugar.  You’re paying for maltodextrin, xanthan gum, refined oils, aand high-fructose corn syrup (aand quite possibly weeks of storage aand transport).

Keep the chemicals aand beakers in the science lab.  Real is best.

Store-bought cakes aand desserts are sometimes frozen, shipped aand stored for up to 6 months.  Fresh is better.

We care about the quality of what we produce, so we take the time to do it right.  We could buy cheaper ingredients, but that would reduce the quality of what you enjoy.  Instead, we use real, high-quality ingredients (with names you can pronounce) aand bake our cookies, cakes aand desserts fresh for your family.

We want you to enjoy desserts from American Dream Cakes without fillers, chemicals, preservatives or regrets.  Better ingredients always yield better results.

Bon Appetit!