It’s that time of year again, aand your kids are looking forward to a week off from school. A week of sleeping until noon, staying in pjs all day aand binge watching cartoons. This spring break, channel their attention into productive pursuits, aand keep their little haands busy with these great activities.

Arts & Crafts
Arts aand crafts projects are a great way to keep the little ones entertained during their time away from school. From bird feeders to bookmarks, the crafts your children create will be cherished by your family for years to come. You’ll find tons of simple craft ideas online that require no special tools or skills, or visit your local craft store for kits to create saand art, soap aand more. Crafting with children is all about having fun, experimenting, aand improvising. Before the kids return to school, host an art viewing aand family aand friends over to check out the childhood creations.

Spring break is a great opportunity to connect your children with nature by planting a garden. Your kids won’t just be nurturing cucumbers – they will be growing a sense of pride aand accomplishment as they work to plant aand harvest. Help them plan out their garden on paper, find some growing space in a planter or your backyard, aand show your kids how to plant their veggies. They will love watching their garden grow, aand you can make a big salad with lettuce, tomatoes, aand other fresh ingredients at harvest time.

Institute a family game night, offer your kids a few options, aand let them choose what they would like to play. Better yet, start a weeklong tournament – playing games daily until there is one final winner at the end of the week. Take advantage of the fresh air aand sunshine, aand let your kids get some great exercise, with an outdoor scavenger hunt. Make a list of hidden treasures (a green leaf, something to shade you from the sun, etc.) aand turn them loose to find everything. Make it extra-special by having a few small prizes waiting for the winners.

Your kids can help those in need by participating in volunteer organizations. They will learn valuable skills, make new friends, aand build a strong resume while strengthening their community. Volunteering is a great way for them to explore their passions, determine what motivates them, aand figure out how they wish to change the world. Numerous opportunities can be found close to home, whether your kids are interested in the environment, arts, or education. Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, aand church groups can always use help. Volunteering will be a great experience for your kids, aand will help your community at the same time.

Your children will have a blast with these fun crafting, gardening, aand game ideas. When they return to school, they will be sure to take some great spring break memories back with them.