For 20 years, American Dream Cakes has been making Jacksonville a whole lot sweeter! Family owned and operated by Randy and Gunilla Kroshus, ADC offers the freshest gourmet cakes, cookies, tortes, and more. Gunilla comes from a family rich in baking history.  Some of her earliest memories are baking with her grandmother in Sweden. In 2017 and 2019, the Kroshus family welcomed the 7th generation to the family’s baking tradition, but these grandparents are still making life delicious, baking at American Dream Cakes.

Continuing the legacy of the generations of bakers before them, American Dream Cakes serves Swedish desserts along with their custom cakes and American favorites.  Here are a couple you can try at the bakery.


Dammsugare, or punsch roll, is a small green pastry. Coated in marzipan, with the ends dipped in chocolate, the filling is a mixture of a mix of cake, butter, cocoa, and Swedish punch liqueur extract.  This Swedish delight is sure to tempt the senses. 

Choklad Bollar

Choklad bollar, or “chocolate balls,” are a no-bake, oatmeal-based dessert. These golf ball-sized treats are flavored with sugar, cocoa, vanilla, butter, and a touch of coffee. At American Dream Cakes, we finish the choklad bollar by rolling them in coconut flakes. This is a delicious dessert with tons of texture and flavor!