For centuries, the cornucopia has symbolized gratitude for the many blessings of life – and it still does today. As you gather together with your family and friends to celebrate America’s abundance this Thanksgiving, you just might want to have one nearby for good luck!

Long associated with Thanksgiving, the cornucopia represents America’s prosperity, abundance, and success. The history of this classic symbol can be traced back to a much earlier era than the arrival of the Pilgrims, however. Dating to the 5th century B.C., the cornucopia was originally known as the horn of plenty. Made from a goat’s horn, it was filled to overflowing with fruits, flowers, and harvest grains.

nc-state-sealA commonplace symbol for centuries, the cornucopia was imprinted on ancient Jewish coins, seals, and rings. Already popular in England during the early 1500’s, it was introduced to America by early settlers. Today, it can be seen in the Great Seal of North Carolina portrays Abundance holding a cornucopia, and the flag. Even the state seal of Idaho features a cornucopia, two in fact.

This Thanksgiving, adorn your own home with a classic autumn centerpiece with a few simple materials. You’ll need a wicker cornucopia basket, fall leaves, straw and harvest goodies such as gourds, grain, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Start by scattering a layer of colorful fall leaves on your table for a festive base. Place the basket on top of the leaves and fill it with a handful of straw to create a soft bed for your harvest. Add the heaviest items first, such as your pumpkins and gourds. Then continue to fill the cornucopia with grain, flowers, branches, fruits, and vegetables. Allow them to spill out of the mouth of the basket to showcase true abundance. Once your cornucopia is overflowing with fall goodies, adding a colorful bow gives this centerpiece a finishing touch.

Cornucopia filled with fall harvest spilling out of it's horn of plenty

Cornucopia filled with fall harvest spilling out of it’s horn of plenty

Simple and symbolic. As the cornucopia represents a bountiful harvest and abundant blessings, American Dream cakes would like to wish the same upon you are your family this Thanksgiving.