Just like everything else, wedding cakes have styles. Throughout the years, the styles of cakes have changed drastically. Years ago, small pillars were used to separate the layers of the cake. Pillars in a wedding cake now are almost unheard of.

It has also become more common to make your cake more personalized than just a staandard white cake with some design/flowers. Couples are now having wedding cakes that are themed, or that have more pops of color.










There is also the growing popularity of the groom’s cake. It is common for people to think that most of the details/decisions of the wedding (including the cake) are made by the bride. The groom’s cake is a way to highlight what the groom wants. This cake traditionally is highlighted at the reception; however, it isn’t unheard of to present the groom with his cake at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.