We’re pretty well-known for our gourmet cupcakes.  Our die-hard fans love them for good reason!  There are over 100 flavors of our large-sized, filled, topped and garnished gourmet cupcakes.  They make life delicious every day.

10 most-LOVED Gourmet Cupcakes

The Dalmatian

Moist white cake is speckled with chocolate chips, topped with white mousse icing and mini chocolate chips and garnished with chocolate shards.  It’s the perfect polka-dotted blend of vanilla and chocolate.  Enjoy 1 or 101, they’re that good!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Fresh chocolate cake with a strawberry preserve filling, topped with chocolate buttercream & a chocolate covered strawberry on top.  What’s not to love?!


Moist chocolate sponge cake is filled with rich chocolate fudge, topped with chocolate mousse icing and pecans, brownie crumble, & fudge drizzle.  A crowd-pleaser, Death-by-Chocolate is a layer upon layer of chocolate experience.

Black Forest

Fresh devil’s food cake is soaked with a Kiersch (cherry) liquor, the center contains cherry puree filling, and it’s crowned with whipped topping, a cherry and chocolate curls.  Get lost in the Black Forest… and you won’t care if anyone comes to your rescue or not.

Carrot Cake

Moist aand flavorful carrot cake baked with walnuts aand raisins, then topped with traditional cream cheese frosting & a buttercream “carrot” garnish.  The carrot cake gourmet cupcake has just enough spice to keep you coming back for another bite.


You’ve died and gone to coffee heaven.  The Tiramisu Gourmet features white sponge cake soaked in an espresso liquor, vanilla coffee crème filling, whipped cream dusted with cocoa powder and a chocolate medallion garnish.  Oooooh, yes!

Orange Dreamsicle

A grown-up version of the childhood favorite, the Orange Dreamsicle is orange-infused sponge cake with sweet vanilla crème filling, orange colored whip swirl and a white chocolate orange garnish.


Here’s to a balanced life that’s delicious.  Chocolate and vanilla-marbled sponge cake contains rich chocolate fudge filling and is topped with chocolate fudge & vanilla buttercream swirl.  A delightful twist of chocolate and vanilla flavors!


Pour a cup of cake!  The Mmmocha Gourmet cupcake is another delectable pairing of chocolate and coffee.  Fresh chocolate cake is soaked in coffee liquor and filled with rich espresso crème.  It’s all topped with chocolate-coffee mousse icing and a patterned fudge garnish.

Did your favorite make the Top 10 cut?  Give your favorite flavor a shout out below.