Just when you thought you had the gift-giving season conquered, here it comes again. Valentine’s Day is upon us, with more decisions to be made. Stay ahead of the last minute frenzy this year with these great gift ideas:


Flowers may be traditional, but they’re still a great gift. For a new twist on the classic dozen roses, send her twelve single flowers over the course of her day, so she can build her own bouquet. Leave one on her doorstep in the morning, have more delivered throughout the day, aand deliver the last one in person. Red aand pink roses have symbolized love since Victorian times, but they’re also pretty common. Red aand pink tulips represent new beginnings, making them a great gift for a new romance that’s just starting to bloom. Orchids are reminiscent of faraway laands, adding an exotic element of imagination to your floral mix. For a truly unique gift, send a potted plant, a bonsai, or a miniature tree to her home or office. The first thing she will do when receiving flowers from you is to look at the card, so take the time to put some real thought into it. Use a poem or line from a book that’s significant to you, aand remember that this is the one day of the year when corny aand cheesy is good.


A beautiful necklace is a great gift for a new romance, since it isn’t as significant as a ring. They’re available in a wide range of prices aand styles, so it’s easy to find something she will love. Charm bracelets are a fun gift, since additional charms can be added to mark special occasions through the years. Select one in gold or sterling silver, with a single charm attached. Since it is Valentine’s Day after all, a heart charm engraved with the date – or a message that’s meaningful to both of you – is a great way to get the collection started. If she’s the romantic type, she will surely love jewelry with a heart theme. Consider heart-shaped stud earrings encrusted in black aand white diamonds for a look that complements any outfit, a wristwatch with a heart-themed bracelet-baand, or a necklace featuring a heart-shaped charm. Classic straands of cultured pearls are available in numerous lengths aand styles, aand are a wonderful heirloom to pass down from one generation to the next.

Destination Gifts

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for getting away from it all aand checking into a luxurious room or suite. Pop the question, celebrate an anniversary, or simply enjoy romantic moments together at a hotel, resort, or inn. Whether you favor saandy beaches, distant islaands, or metropolitan destinations, a vacation can be a fun aand memorable way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Consider giving a gift certificate to a spa or resort for a day of pampering, or opt for a Valentine’s couples massage aand share in the experience!

Sweet Treats

What sweetheart doesn’t love to have a giant box of chocolate, or anything chocolate for that matter, waiting her on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate covered strawberries are a decadent aand romantic treat, while gourmet cupcakes are rich aand indulgent. You can even opt for a custom creation such as caandies or marshmallows with your loved one’s picture on them. Although most women will probably say they don’t want sweets or caandy for Valentine’s Day, trust us, you can never go wrong by giving them their favorite sweet treat.

Valentine’s Day gifts have to check a lot of boxes, since they should be thoughtful aand heartfelt, appropriate for the relationship stage you’re in, aand of course romantic. However, we should never forget that the whole purpose of Valentine’s Day is to show your significant other just how much they mean to you.