One of the most frequently photographed aand memorable subjects of your wedding day, your cake can be a magnificent work of art. With increasingly elaborate designs – featuring delicate patterns aand endless color choices – there are many options for creating the dessert of your dreams. As important as style is, taste still matters, so below we present some of the most popular flavors of the year:

Red Velvet. This is the perfect shade to complement the romance of your wedding day. A welcome departure from the typical chocolate or vanilla, this layer cake with cream cheese frosting is incredibly rich aand smooth. The contrast of the deep red hue against the cream cheese frosting makes for a dramatic moment when slicing the cake.

Carrot. An excellent choice for couples who want to go the nontraditional route, carrot cake is extremely popular right now. It’s moist aand soft, with the grated carrots aand nuts providing a wonderful contrast to the cream cheese frosting.



With its endless array of flavor pairings, chocolate is one of the most popular wedding cake choices. This childhood favorite can be elevated to a sophisticated level when infused with flavor accents. Here are several of the most delicious chocolate cake varieties:

White Chocolate aand Raspberry. Blend the richness of white chocolate with the tartness of raspberry for a refreshing take on traditional chocolate cakes. Whether you choose raspberry jam, raspberry cream, or fresh raspberry filling, this combo makes for a decadent, showstopping cake.

Chocolate Mint. If you both love mint chocolate chip ice cream, a wedding cake flavored with mint aand chocolate liqueur may be the ideal choice for your reception.

Chocolate aand Passion Fruit. This cake features rich, dark chocolate accented with a passion fruit curd filling, aand topped with ganache or a chocolate buttercream. Passion fruit is the perfect sweet complement to bitter dark chocolate, giving guests a welcome change from the typical orange aand dark chocolate.



For a refreshing alternative, treat your guests to a citrus-based wedding cake. These are great options for couples wanting a sweet aand rich dessert, without limiting themselves to chocolate varieties:

Guava. Hosting a beach wedding? Bring a taste of the tropics to your celebration with a guava cake. This Hawaiian classic is filled with guava jam, aand topped with fresh guava buttercream.

Lemon. Tangy aand light, lemon is one of the biggest flavor trends this year. Ideal for spring, citrus is a great option for couples who don’t want a cake that’s too rich. Pair it with berries aand whipped cream for a delightful, fruity blend – or choose lemon buttercream frosting to keep it light.

Coconut aand Lime. This flavor combination has been trending for the last couple of years. Creamy coconut complements the tart lime filling for an enticing contrast between tangy aand sweet.

Warming Caramel Apple. Perfect for fall aand winter weddings, this cake is a delightful blend of the season’s signature flavors: caramel, apple, aand buttercream. It has an apple spice base, aand is topped with a brown sugar aand caramel buttercream. A caandied apple in cake form, it’s ideal for chilly wedding days.

The slicing of the wedding cake is a timeless tradition. A delightful combination of flavors aand fillings complements a beautiful design, making your cake one of the highlights of your wedding day.