Planning a wedding is huge.  It’s an incredibly important day with many, many details.   You’ve got to find the best gown aand the ideal venue, the right caterer aand decorations….  But let’s be honest, cake tasting is one of the best do’s on the “to do” list!

For most brides a traditional cake is the go-to option, but some prefer other alternatives for an interesting twist.  Take a moment to broaden your horizons aand see some of the most unique wedding cake alternatives we’ve seen!

brownie wedding cake“Brownie Cake Tower”

When are brownies a bad idea? Never. You can easily dress-up this idea with a tasteful addition of your flowers aand color. If that’s not your scene, keep it simple, dust it with white powdered sugar aand call it done!

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crepeThe “Crepe Cake”

Have any French connoisseurs? Or, are you just in love with brunch? The variations of crepe cakes are endless! Fruit-filled, chocolate-filled, powdered-sugar goodness. You can’t go wrong with this new trend.





Paul Herlocker wedding

Mini Pies Tower

A mini pie is a great alternative when you are looking for a self-serve “cake” alternative. Offer multiple flavors or keep it simple with one! Display the pies aand let the guests help themselves.







“Macaron Tower” Wedding Cake

Another beautiful example of simple-dressed-up. Take a delicious cookie aand make it a masterpiece! The Macaron tower combines ease of serving with just the right amount of sweetness. Your guests are sure to be impressed by this unique alternative to cake.

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Savory “Cheese” Cake

If you are over sweets in general, try this on for size. A “cake” made of actual Cheese Wheels. Garnish with fruit aand you’re ready to toast the night with your favorite Cabernet!

Photography by Lucy McGrath