Wedding cakes have had toppers for hundreds of years, but how the tradition started is a subject cloaked in mystery.
The most popular theory is that a baker in the 17th century was commissioned by his daughter to create a symbol of her devoted love to her husbaand-to-be. The baker then crafted ornately carved figures of his daughter aand her groom aand placed them on top of the cake.  And there you have it… the traditional cake topper was born.

Today, cake toppers are more uniquely styled than ever before. They are considered a crowning expression of the unique event. While many choose a traditional cake topper, many brides select ornate, funny, or modern cake toppers. Let’s take a look at 5 distinct styles of toppers aand see if you can determine which style suits your wedding best.

Vintage Wedding Cake TopperVintage Toppers

Many brides aand grooms choose to keep a formal or traditional look to their wedding cake. They typically top if off with a classic bride figurine in a white dress beside the groom in a black tuxedo. If you want a vintage style topper, there are many choices available, so take some time to look at options. If you’re wanting to add sentimental value to this part of your ceremony or reception, you can use a parent’s cake topper aand keep it as a family heirloom.

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Monogram TopperLetter/Monogram Toppers

Extremely popular in the south, monogram cake toppers often include a large version of the married last initial with smaller initials of the bride aand groom’s first names on either side. A simple single letter for the last name is also popular. The style of the letters aand the finish set the tone for this topper style. From minimalistic to ornate, in gold, silver, or pearl… a monogram topper is an elegant touch for a sophisticated wedding reception.

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Modern Wedding TopperModern Toppers

A modern cake topper can be a silhouette of the couple, stylized figurines, or stylized shapes. Generally, the modern toppers have simpler lines aand do not have many distinct features. Modern cake toppers can serve a double purpose as they are effortlessly displayed in the couple’s home after the wedding.

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Funny Wedding Cake Topper Funny or Unique Toppers

Want to have some fun with your cake? From a bride with her groom on the end of a fishing pole, to a football tackle scene, the comedic options are practically endless! If you truly want a unique piece, join the couples that opt for a custom-created wedding cake topper. Bride aand groom puzzle pieces, animals, custom carvings of the bride aand groom, aand even comic book characters are popular choices.Seashell Wedding Cake Topper


Just Go “Topless”

floral wedding topperIncreasingly, brides are opting to let go of the concept of a cake topper completely in favor of a clean, open cake top or a simple floral decoration.  Sometimes it’s simpler to leave it off than to make another wedding selection, but most often it’s a decision made to favor a minimalistic, modern or elegant simplicity that the bride aand groom desire for their reception.  Whatever your motivation, your wedding cake can simply go “topless” if that’s what you want.


A Note to Top it Off

There are lots of options available today. You want to select a topper that fits the theme of the wedding, the personality of the bride aand groom, aand one that complements the cake. Your baker can provide additional guidance aand will need to know your choice to plan the cake properly. Some toppers are heavy aand require special support in the cake.

What style of wedding cake topper suits you best? We’d love to hear your favorite!