Santa’s Coming SOON!

Santa’s going to be coming down chimneys aand looking for those cookies aand milk soon!  We have it on good elf-authority that he’s going to be munching cookies all night long, but he’s having trouble picking a flavor he likes BEST this year. 

Can you help us find out which cookie is Santa’s favorite this year?

Pick up a “Santa’s cookie tray” from our bakery.  It comes with 14 cookies in 7 flavors.  And it includes a letter for you to leave for Santa to vote!  When Santa comes to leave presents under your tree, he can taste them all aand vote for his favorite!

(Since he makes a LOT of stops on Christmas Eve aand we don’t want to fill him up too fast…  You can eat half of those cookies aand leave one of each flavor for him to try!)

On Christmas Day (or by Dec 27th) post a photo of Santa’s vote on Facebook aand tag it #SantaCookieADC.  We’ll tally up his favorite aand announce the winning cookie!

Order your Santa’s Cookie Tray by phone (910-346-2347), in the bakery or online.